[RANDOM] A Neighbor You Might Wanted to Visit

Hi! You know I haven’t been able to post anything except drama pics collections here. Because currently I was a bit confused about where to post. I tend to made this blog long ago to post my fanfic (but ended up never!) and I started posting lyrics, news, pics, etc. I thought it was useless because there are more sites that people can access easier than my own blog. I have tumblr, livejournal, and blogspot too and I used them for different purposes.

I reblogged pic spams in tumblr, then my personal rants in blogspot (and a few of movie reports in bahasa), and recently I’ve been nonstoppingly using my lj account to access communities and posting my fanarts. I became happier there since I could post my own creation and find friends (it’s easier because we met in communities and such) but then I wonder about this blog and what should I do.

I’m thinking of moving my own collection to livejournal–I mean, posting my next collection in livejournal. I know some people said that the place has began to be dead, but I just started. And it’s a fun thing until now, living in livejournal. I don’t get to know anyone from wordpress neither do meet anyone except groups that own the wordpress. I don’t know.

My obsession currently is Arashi and most of the people lives there so it might have some connections to my thought of leaving…it’s not leaving maybe, it’s moving. I don’t have any intention of deleting this wordpress/account anyway, I rarely do anything like that. This place left a lot of memories for me. So….maybe I’ll take more time to think.

Here is the link of my livejournal, please do visit me if you’re interested. I’m still new so I don’t have a lot of stuffs there, but I’ll check it everyday. 🙂

[PICS] My Lovely Girl Pics from SBS Official Site


This isn’t so hard to collect. Even wondering why the official site only uploaded such a small amount of pics. I mean Rain and Krystal both are stylish and not that ugly to get pictures uploaded on the internet, the supporting actors&actress too. I like both of them (individually, since I haven’t watch the drama yet). 😦

Anyway I’m currently busy using my lj account so I’m sorry if I don’t post anything here, not gonna abandon this anyway, atm. I’m using my lj account for my other purpose that I think I might not be able to post/do it here while using my wp account. (I’m totally so late in getting into ljs T^T)

As usual, I’ll provide some previews and the click the first pic to download the collection in zip file. 🙂


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[PICS] The Night Watchman’s Journal Pics (+PressCon, Behind The Scene, Poster) from Official Site


Another new collection from MBC Drama! \O/

This time around, I’ve also included the Behind the Scene and Poster folder in the zip file so I won’t be uploading zips instead of making it into one zip file (it’ll be easier for me). And also it’s my first time uploading to Google Drive since some says GD is way more simple than 4shared. Plus, there’s no download rate limit?^^;;

Some previews + download link by clicking the first pic. Enjoy!

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[LYRIC] Arashi/嵐 – Niji no Kankera/虹のカケラ~no rain, no rainbow~ (Kan/Rom/Eng)

You know, I recently came back to J-pop world and fell for Arashi once again *T^T* right after my brother gave me Bittersweet PV TT^TT so I tried as mcuh as I can to explore them back (like really, they have been ‘Arashi’ since 15 years ago, I don’t know how harder could it be >,<)

Yeah stop the rants okaayy XDD I started joining communities in livejournal and wow it helps me a lot!^^ I watched their tv shows, concerts, and their tv performances too. And this song…..absolutely recommended. I can’t say it’s their best song ever like hahahaha I just listened to their four albums so how can I say that? XD This song gives a lot of positive vibes that makes you happy just with hearing the song~ and plus the lyrics, even though it just sounds like Arashi >w<




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[LYRIC] Cherry Filter (체리필터) – Romantic Cat (낭만 고양이) Lyric (Han/Rom/Eng)

cherry filter



(Sweet little kitty sweet little kitty sweet little kitty)
(Sweet little kitty sweet little kitty sweet little kitty)
(Sweet little kitty sweet little kitty sweet little kitty)


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[OLD NEWS] Oricon States, “Korean Girl Groups’ Popularity Is All Thanks To TVXQ”

I found the article on livejournal (thanks a lot to pamelaxiah@lj ^^) and it bothered me a lot too…you know, since Changmin called Cassiopeia as ‘elite minority‘ recently, it reminds me back how firstly I became a Cassiopeia and join the fandom although until now I’m still an unofficial one >//<. But even in early 2010, the fandom is as big as the world, most likely. Cassies are everywhere. Like, everywhere. I’m not that old but probably there are a lot more who are younger than me and know the jpop kpop thingy later.

It is true that TVXQ is fading. The fancafe member decreased the most, twitter accounts deactivated, people changing fandom to the new young groups, discredited TVXQ just like that. At least that’s what I feel for the past four years. Even when I was still an ELF in 2009, I always adore and respect TVXQ as the most successful sunbaes that time, and the fact they could still draw attention so much, I always wanted to join. But I was a rookie and thought, ‘ah Cassiopeia and TVXQ both are elite’. Because everytime they do concerts, their performances are always way better than the recorded one–which is rare. I also found how amazing the fans are doing fanprojects like banners and lightsticks and singalong like that. I adore everything about them.

But I don’t find anything like that anymore this time. So I guess this article is so related to what I feel. Please read.

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[NEWS] Jaejoong Sends Supporting Message to Yunho

You know, this article isn’t really new. But I figured out how much I love this article, it makes me feel happy asiding the fact that it’s YunJae. XD

c1When it comes to Kim Jaejoong, you know how much Jaejoong loves to give support for his fellow members. And guessing that he still believes in his friendship with TVXQ’s Yunho, he replied Yunho’s praises on his acting after being interviewed about the previous drama ‘Triangle’ which will be taken over by ‘Night’s Watchman’ on the same time-slot. Continue reading

Triangle (트라이앵글) Pics from Official Site


Back with a new collection^^

I was thinking if I should collect Triangle pics because it has over 1.000+ pics and I haven’t even watch the drama yet T^T Triangle is killing me T^T but thanks to Jaejoong and Siwan, I have some spirit! ‘w’)9 And do you know what I like from collecting MBC dramas pics? Yes, you can do the right-click-on-pics action. I was going to collect 3Days (which Yoochun is in it) pics but it’s from SBS and please understand that it’s way more complicated to collect from SBS official pics. T_________T

Here’s the download link and some preview pics [CONTAIN SPOILERS] ^^v

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The Heirs (상속자들) Pics From Official Site~ Part 2!

the heirs sc


Completed!! ^____________^ I’m sorry but due to the amount of the pics, I can’t upload all pics in here but just some previews. And since the album consists more than 200, I made the zip again for you to download (via 4shared). It’s easy, you only have to log in (with google, twitter, or facebook) and download it by waiting around 20secs^^




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Arashi (嵐) – Daremo Shiranai (誰も知らない) Lyric [Kan/Rom/Eng]



当たり前に感じてるlifetime 誰もが急かされてるday by day
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