[TRANS] 101014 JYJ Side States, “The Label Company Will Respond To SM’s Legal Actions”

Regarding SM Entertainment’s album sales prohibition injunction filed against JYJ’s new album, JYJ’s side has stated, “We are not planning any particular response to it as of now.”

JYJ’s representative, in a phone call with SSTV on the 14th, stated, “We have no intention of responding to the injunction right now, and this is a problem the label company will respond to,” and “We will keep a close watch on how the label company and SM Entertainment will resolve this issue.”

SM revealed on the 13th that they filed an exclusive contract suspension and album sales prohibition injunction to the Seoul District Courts on the 8th against JYJ, CJeS and JYJ’s worldwide album ‘The Beginning’.

SM’s reason is that, “By releasing their albums through CJeS Entertainment even though the verdict has not been made on their lawsuit, there is a high possibility that this may lead into an unexpected third party legal dispute.” The exclusive contract lawsuit between the members of JYJ and SM Entertainment is still yet to be resolved.

The Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Arts Industry (KFPCAI) has also stepped up to support SM’s stance. Through an official notice to all broadcasting companies, label companies and online music distribution companies, the KFPCAI called for such companies to refrain from allowing JYJ to appear on their shows and even from cooperating with JYJ with their activities.

Regarding this, JYJ’s representative was careful with his words and did not say much as he stated, “We are not releasing an official response to the injunction or the KFPCAI’s actions for now but we will keep a close watch on everything.”


Source: [sstv+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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