[RANDOM] Xiah Junsu’s Interview – PATI PATI March 2010 Issue – Tohoshinki PATI PATI BEST SELECTION (Part 1&2)

  • PP: In the lyrics of [My Destiny], there’s one line that goes “Even if I’m reborn again…” If you had a chance to be reborn again, what do you want to be?

Junsu: A soccer player. Because I love singing, so I eventually became a singer, but before that, I dreamed about becoming a soccer player. Even now, as long as there’s time, I’ll play soccer.
Yuchun: I don’t want to be reborn again. But whatever the case, I wish I can be born somewhere else aside from Earth and I want a body free from allergies (laugh).
Junsu: Yuchun really loves dogs but he’s really pitiful as he can’t keep them due to his allergies.

PP: What do you guys think? Just like in the drama, when the wedding has reached its climax and the church doors open to reveal her ex-lover… I feel like he would hold her hand and walk away… Like that, don’t you feel like experiencing that?
Junsu: Then I’ll become the third party (laugh).

PP: Ah, Junsu, you’ve done it again! (laugh) (Like the boy that cried wolf)
Junsu: What are you saying? I definitely won’t do something like that! If I want to do it, I’ll create trouble during your honeymoon (laugh).

PP: You started the year with [Purple Line] and I heard that this song is by the same composer for the songs [Rising Sun] and [O] which are both very popular during concerts.
Junsu: Yes, but the style is different from [Rising Sun]. That is to say, this song is not really Tohoshinki’s usual style.
Junsu: To be honest, after the firs recording, in order to have a higher level of perfection, they let us record it again.
Junsu: The way we vocalised also changed. So the final result was very different.

PP: So, it’s disheartening right from the beginning of the year. Are the oyaji gags from Junsu, which healed these 4 people, finally coming to an end?
Junsu: (cracks an oyaji gag)
Junsu: Then, “If you keep eating a little, how much is a little?” (another oyaji gag)

PP: Do you want a son or daughter?
Junsu: I want 2 sons and I think one daughter would be best.

PP: And the order of birth?
Junsu: First I’ll have a son, followed by another son. After that I’ll have a daughter. But if I haven’t become an adult by then, then I can’t do this (laugh).

PP: The lyrics talk about a guy who fell in love with his friend’s girlfriend. When you saw the lyrics, did you see any similarities with yourself?
Junsu: Yes. Although I’ve not experienced it, but I can more or less understand how the lead feels.

PP: Even though you secretly love her, you can’t confess.
Junsu: It’s really hard.

PP: Jejung seems to be an expert in relationships.
Junsu: He’s really just saying (laugh).

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SPECIAL SELECTION OFINTERVIEWS! 2005 >>> 2010 (only post related to junsu)

(Because Tomorrow Will Come) PP: As expected, you’re really candid (laugh). Up until now, your fans seem to be increasing and it seems like Japan has caught the Tohoshinki fever.
Junsu: Ah… it’s still too early to say. We still need to work harder.

(Sky) Junsu: When we were rushing to complete our schedules everyone was so tired they fell asleep and only Yunho was left who felt so energized. Also, just before the airplane lifted off, he even asked for a drink. After this, there were a few occassions when I wanted to swop with him.
Yuchun: But in the recording studio, Junsu becomes a free-spirited person too (laugh).
Junsu: Eh??
Jejung: He’s like a lion, standing on a chair and singing (laugh).
Junsu: This… It’s easier to sing the high notes when I’m standing on a chair. But I definitely won’t do this for the recording this time round, so don’t worry! (laugh)

(Lovin You) PP: What a tragic end. So it’s impossible to meet the girl again.
Junsu: I really like this part.

(Rising Sun) PP: When I first heard [Rising Sun], the memory of the 5 members’ gentle harmony was completely blown away. It was manly and explosive.
Junsu: This song is the title song for our 2nd Korean album and it’s very popular in Korea. But from among our Japanese singles, it’s something that we never had before with very strong dance moves so we were very nervous.

(Summer Dream) PP: Jejung looked really thirsty from the way he drank the water.
Junsu: I think it looks like his saliva is flowing out (laugh).
Junsu: Changmin tried to object against the director for the scene where he drinks from the tap. I want that kind of scene! (laugh)

PP: No. Even if there’s a member that objects to the director, it won’t be Changmin (laugh).
Junsu: Didn’t you know that recently Changmin has become very hardheaded? It’s super scary (laugh).

(Bolero) Junsu: Oh really? This is special songs. (with a weird English accent)
Junsu: Polaris bright…
Junsu: Oh my god! (all burst out laughing)

(Begin) PP: The lyrics also have this. Is there anything that you want to bid farewell to right now?
Junsu: The memory of me losing to Changmin during a game last night (laugh). I’ve never lost before so I’m really surprised that he became so good so quickly.
Yunho: Also, I have a wish regarding Junsu. Please say goodbye to your habit of eating quickly.
Junsu: That’s very difficult… From last time, I’ve never been able to take my time and savour it (laugh).
Junsu: In school, even if it’s just an extra minute to play soccer, I wanted to get it so I developed the habit of eating quickly. Instead of eating, it’s more like I drink it down (laugh).

Source: [heyjj]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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(*Exact Date of The interview unknown.)

☆ The condition of the bride to be?
-A Christian lady who believes in God.
-A person who can support her husband well in every possible way for his best.
-A person with a good nature.
-If she can play piano well, it will be nice.
-Would be even better if she can play sports well.

☆ Is Junsu homey/domestic?
He seem to be able to help you well at the parents’ house, and he will
not say “this is unpleasant”;
if he marry, he will help his wife.

☆ Which of the two boys are your favorite one?
I cannot pick which boys are better among younger one or older one of
the twins.
They both have their exceptional talents and each has wonderful charms.
Junho: (Big brother) Stouthearted, handsome and reliable.
Junsu: (Younger brother) Cute natutured and beautiful.

☆ The hope of the mom?
Junsu desired to be an athlete earnestly, but the parent thought about
the modern dancing or ballet would be
good for a figure of Junsu. Parent wished him to play musical
instruments and learn to sing be a singer or
a musical actor

☆ How does Junsu usually express his love for mom?
A lot of endearments are expressed by Junsu. He uses the decorated
letter to mom by a text message
which has the heart mark in it.

☆ Have you ever beat Junsu with a whip when he did not listen to you?
No, never.

☆ When Junsu wants to marry and brought a woman in a house; if mom
does not like her;
what would you do?
I persuade him till the end.
Because I believe Junsu’s image of the ideal woman resembles the
thought of his mom …
(*Mom and son both like the same kind of girl.)

☆ Till when did he wet his bed?
I do not have a memory of Junsu bed-wetting. (*He did not wet his bed.)

☆Is he similar to his mom or dad?
His appearance resembles some mom and more dad.
As for his build, he resembles more of mom.
His personality resembles a lot like his dad. They have similar
character, spreading amiability and
optimistic attitude everywhere they are.

☆ Has the twins made mom cry?
I have clapped their buttocks when there was a little bit of
authority-resisting time.

☆ Does Junsu wear ▼オパンツ /Opantsu? (Underwear?)
I hear that all the people dancing a dance must wear ▼ オパンツ /Opantsu?
(*Translator does not know what this word is. May be it is a special
brand of tight underwear.
Any of you readers know what that is?)

☆ Something mom think that twins should do?
Do their best in what they do in life, without holding any regrets.
Continue to keep their brotherly love a lot and eternally and live
authentic life.
Always believe in Jesus Christ and keep their faith, trust Christ
always and live fulfilling life.

☆ The habit of Junsu?
He moves his body always even when he is standing.
When he talks with mom, he dances and waves and even when he goes to
the restroom, he moonwalks……
There is a time when I said him to keep still because I am distracted
during our conversation time.

☆ If Junsu says that he want to quit being a singer?
Please encourage him together by telling him to continue it because it
is his “God-given vocation”.

☆ What do you think of a singer Xiah Junsu not looking at him as your
son Kim Junsu?
A cool figure who does his best very eagerly. When his figure is
reflected on the stage,
I become Junsu fan not thinking he is my son.

★ What would you do if Junsu said to make a sex change to a woman?
I entrust will of Junsu.
Because I wanted a daughter, possibly I may tolerant it rather smoothly?

Always Keep The Faith!

*This interview is not new. But this one is the longer version of her
interview and I do not think the longer one has been translated in the
past. Hope you enjoy it!

source credit: tomomama+sharingyoochun.net+xiahbaidu
trans by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
shared by: OneTVXQ.com


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