Ikimonogakari’s First Best Album Tops Oricon Weekly Album Chart


Ikimonogakari has released their first best album, titled, “Ikimonobakari ~Members’ BEST selection~“, on November 3rd.  The album sold 457,000 copies, and thus topped the Oricon Weekly Album Chart.

Moreover, it has now set the 2010 record for most copies sold within a week by a female lead vocalist (group or solo).  Even with all the competition on the charts, it’s still #2 on the year after Arashi’s “Boku no Miteiru Fukei“, which sold 731,000 copies in the first week.

Below is the latest top 5 most sold albums in the first week by female vocalists for 2010.

Note: Again, not total sales, just within a week’s time.

1. Ikimonobakari ~Members’ BEST selection~ – Ikimonogakari 11/3 457,000

2. Kamikyokutachi – AKB48 4/7  295,000

3. to LOVE – Nishino Kana 6/23 290,000

4. BEST ~third universe~ & 8th AL – Koda Kumi 2/3 222,000

5. 5years – Kimura Kaela 2/3 216,000

Source: Oricon Style

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