Co-Ed’s CEO Regrets The Use Of The Members’ Long Nicknames

While making an appearance on the November 24th broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” participating members from T-ara and Co-Ed revealed that their company CEO had regretted about using such elaborate names for the Co-Ed members.MC Kim Kuk Jin mused, “Your four-character names are much like TVXQ. One must have a certain level of pride in order to name yourselves after such a group; why did you?

Co-Ed consists of unique names such as One Light Hyo Young, One Star Hyewon, Star Light Chanmi, Smile Soomi, Wise Taewoon, Rascal Kwang Haeng, Sky Earth Yoosung, Hot Blood Kangho, Balance Noori, and Solid Sungmin, all personally named by Kim Kwang Su, CEO of Core Contents Media.

T-ara’s Hyomin added, “When the member names for Co-Ed were first revealed, it didn’t receive a great response. The CEO must’ve seen the replies, as he asked me, ‘What do you think of the names?’ I replied that the reactions weren’t great and he began regretting it, saying, ‘I thought so.’

Netizens commented, “Honestly, the member names are kind of much,” “Their comedic names made it easier to get used to them,” and “They have to go back to the naming center.”

Another segment of the show examined the reason behind T-ara’s need for a new member. When asked by MC Yoon Jong Shin why they decided to take on a new member, T-ara replied, “Ryu Hwa Young is the same age as maknae Jiyeon. Our CEO wanted to lower our average age so he added her.”

Source + Photos: BNT News via Nate


sr: allkpop


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