Ga-In Writes A Letter To Jo Kwon For Their One Year Anniversary

Omoo, it’s already 1 years!!! 😀

So cool… They have been together for one year, making friends and more activities as a married couple… uwwaaa, so sweet..

Nooww, more sweetness from Ga-In


On the November 27th episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” the popular ‘Adam couple’ went on a fishing trip for their one year anniversary.

While on the boat, the two read aloud the letters they wrote for one another. Ga-In’s stated:

Kwon, it’s been almost a year since we’ve met. I may be your nuna, but I’m thankful for you thinking preciously of me even when I act like I’m younger. I want to express it in words each time, but you know that I’m not good at expressing what I like, right? You’re someone I need by me. Thanks for being by my side, and no matter what we later become, please give me strength by my side.

I still feel nervous, like it’s only been a month since we’ve gotten married. I don’t know what kind of love this is, but I love you.

Jo Kwon smiled brightly and replied, “Thank you. Really,” while Ga-In attempted to hide her embarrassment by shyly stating, “I want to jump in the ocean. Right now.” XDD



This is the best couple ever— as always… ^^

Noona and Dongsaeng…




Source + Photos: Osen via Nate

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