JYJ, The Breakout Artist on Channel [V] !!!


Korean boy band JYJ is breaking into the international music scene as the Breakout Artist of CHANNEL [V] in December. Arguably formed by three members of the biggest selling male vocal group in Asia TVXQ, JYJ took their first step towards the West in October with their global debut album The Beginning.

The Beginning marks a first for the boys’ English-language album which combines the efforts of an impressive team of A-list US producers. Music producer Rodney Jerkins, who worked with Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, composed two songs for the album. Grammy Award-winner Kanye West joined the band on the album’s first single Ayyy Girl as well, depicting the pursuit of a perfect girl but when you find her, things will never be as perfect as you expect.The boys also each composed a song for the album– Still in Love by Jaejung, I Can Soar by Junsu and I Love You by Yuchun.

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Oh, My, Godd….


Last time I just wrote in my FB stat about the same prob of H.O.T and TVXQ’s prob…

Now, I’m soo damnly happy see them together like that… It’s, ahh, beyond imagination *LOL*

You know, not far from last days Tony Ahn was gossiped that his connection with Heejun isn’t good enough, because of their banned…

But now???


Well, they just met through tvN’s ‘Live Talk Show Taxi’.

When MC Lee Young Ja asked about the apparent bad relationship between the two, Tony An replied, “We have a good relationship,” and held Moon Hee Joon’s face in his hands to give him a small peck, causing everyone to laugh.

He continued, “We have drinks together and have always been close. It’s just because we don’t appear on broadcast shows together.”

Tony An also received a surprise visit from gagman Yang Se Hyung, who spent his army enlistment days with Tony An. While on the show, he shared an amusing story about being ‘Tony An’s doctor”.

“This is a story even Tony An doesn’t know about. Because of our depression, I became really sad to see Tony An taking medication every day soat the time, I changed his medication to Vitamin C,” said Yang Se Hyung.

Tony An laughed and replied, “No wonder! There were times when I had to sleep, but instead I was full of energy. It was because of my colleagues that I was able to overcome my depression.”

Source: Star News via Nate

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