Yaaayy~~!!! Another Oricon Chart is out!!!


Congrats to Bleach anyway! They’re must be sooo amazing!! *I can’t catch the episode, I already lost may episodes!! T___________T*

Andd, I see Dr. Gray-man ,.. hoohohohoo~~ Even I’ve never completely finished read one of that comic… I love the title LOL … Nice One!! ๐Ÿ˜€



1. โ€œBLEACHโ€ (the 48th colume) โ€“ Kubo Tite (462,154)

2. โ€œYotsubato!โ€ (the 10th volume) โ€“ Azuma Kiyohiko (243,912)

3. โ€œD.Gray-manโ€ (the 21st volume) โ€“ Hoshino Katsura (215,177)

4. โ€œGintamaโ€ (the 37th volume) โ€“ Sorachi Hideaki (188,618)

5. โ€œKatei Kyoushi Hit Man REBORN!โ€ (the 32nd volume) โ€“ Amano Akira (180,760)



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