7 Years… 7 Years of loving, 7 years of singing, 7 years of dancing, 7 years of happiness, 7 years of friendship, 7 years of being a great family, TVXQ.

First debut in 2003, with the first single ‘Hug’.

At first, Soo Man wanted to make them as an acapella group. But then, maybe he saw our oppas more than just a singer, he made them as a real boyband. With the members: Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho), Kim Jaejoong (Hero Jaejoong), Park Yyoochun (Micky Yoochun), Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu), and the maknae, Shim Changmin (Max Changmin)

Together they made a very excellent group! With Yunho and Junsu as the lead dancer, Jaejoong, Changmin, and Junsu take the lead voice, and Yunho with Yoochun as the lead rapper. Continue reading

Infinite’s Profile ^^

Infinite *scream*, long time no see a boysband that sounds good to me… After,… umm… U-Kiss, maybe? Yeah, I think so…
After all, their dance are so cool and their songs is soo addictive in my ears 😀 They have a cute faces too, especially L, who had been gossipped as ‘The Twins of Kim Bum’ after he played in ‘Run’ MV of Epik High… And he’s cute there anyway *lol*

And, no bashing, but first time I saw Sunggyu, he really made me remember uri 2PM leader, Park Jaebum… Is he has a similiar face??? Tell me please… XD

Okay, so let’s get closer with them by checking this out! 😀

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Yeorim – Goo Yongha (Song Joongki) Pics From SungKyunKwan Scandal ++

Yeaaahh, I’m just finished watching Sungkyunwan and Scandal … The Greatest Drama of a girl transform into a boy, after Boys Before Flowers (2008), and Coffee Prince (2006)

I found a man, who wasn’t too familiar for me, who’s not maniac of K-Drama, and fall in love with him…

Omo, yes, the cute-human-being, and a little weirdo called Goo Yongha, or should I say, the real name, Song Joong Ki??? Seems familiar now??? Yeah, I am.

I tought he was younger than Yoochun (24), but the truth is Joongki was born in 1985!! >,<

I should say he’s lucky having a cute face like that… Obviously ~WHOW~

He plays some drama like, Triple, OB=GYN and others like that. But the nest one? Sungkyunwan is. 😀

Nooww, I have to watch it for a long time, because I’ve to capture every Yongha’s move (cz I’m kinda crazy about him LOL)

Here’s some pics from me, and the others is from Google ^^

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