Xiah Junsu Signed A ‘No-Marriage’ Contract


JYJ’s Kim Junsu has formally agreed to remain a bachelor under the circumstances of a certain fan’s written contract.

During a fan meeting, instead of handing a picture to sign, a fan handed Junsu a contract which stated that he must not marry until the day the person he signed the contract for gets married.

Hilariously, Junsu did end up signing the paper next to where his name was typed! The document has garnered explosive popularity amongst fans, but unfortunately, one fan clarified: “That picture was uploaded onto Naver’s ‘Knowledge iN’ (equivalent to Yahoo! Answers) and a lawyer even replied back. The lawyer answered that the contract has no effect whatsoever.”

Netizens replied, “Kim Junsu is so cute”, “Are you even allowed to hand those things at a fan meeting? I want one…”, and “That person has great originality!”



Source: TV Daily via Nate + Allkpop

Shared by: hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com


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