[Attention!!!] The Owner’s Letter


Maybe this is too late *sing too late part Chanmi XD*

OK, enough for those ‘ROFL’ thingy…

Maybe I’m having this blog for a short time, but this blog has changed my life. Now I know how to blogging, and I like it. Even I’ve to work with 5 and more web, tryin to find interesting post. I even makes some post from myself, like collecting photos and some sources, began to created some new stuff like editing photos etc.

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MUCHA, Kim Junsu Limited Edition Jewelery Collection

“Tears of Heaven” musical has been garnering a lot of attention due to the participation of JYJ Kim Junsu and he will be collaborating with MUCHA for a limited edition jewelry collection.
The musical “Tears of Heaven” tells the fateful love story, set in 1967, of a Korean soldier who was being sent to the Vietnam War and met the female lead Lyn. There has been a lot of attention attracted on the internet prior to the premiere, due to Kim Junsu’s ticket selling power and the kiss scene of the two main leads. Continue reading

Random Photos (Edited)

I’m still a beginner for editing photos, but this is my best at this time *ROFL*

I’m using 3 photo manager software and trying so hard to get my best… I think this is still an ‘ugly’ result if those were compared by others senpais’s XD

Okay, check those out and don’t blame me if those pics were ‘uglier’ than you think ROFLMAO


For this one, I’m just using photoscape for one process, didn’t take a long time. And I don’t have anything else to do, just mix ’em and being a meaningfull photo for me… *Please tell me you know what I mean T,T* Continue reading

Dalmatians’s Profile [Info/Photos]


Some people don’t know who is this? Yeah, at first time I didn’t catch them too… They didn’t have an interesting name for me LOL. But guess what?? Their song is catchy and I really like them XD

Dalmatians is a hip-hop boyband from South Korea *of course*, stands for 6 cool boys, and the special is they’re made by the popular hip-hop artist too, MC Mong!!! *scream!!* Yupp, I like him somehow, even I like Epik High more LOL..

Dalmatian’s official debut was on September 3rd 2010 on Mnet Countdown with their single (released September 1st) Round 1.. I like the song and their outfits are cute..hehehe..They consist of six members which are Inati, Day Day, Dari, Jisu, Young Won, and Drama..Their names also are different and easy to memorise..Ermm, their ages range from being a ’81er (29) to a ’91er (19)..1981?? Kyaa..who is born in 1981??? You must be surprised because he looks young..hhahaa..Check it out their profile below~

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“The 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic” Concert in Seoul Photobook Photos


At laaassstt!!! I found this scan photo from search engine in Google, thanks to it I can find my lovely photobook that I dreamed of *LOL*

I can’t upload it one by one, because of course… my lame internet connection and.. I cant upload all of them ONE BY ONE… its a thing that i don’t have to do it rite? Why I should do it if I have a better way 😀 *why suddenly I became a wise person??? XD*

Happy Uploading!!




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Super Junior’s Sungmin, Leeteuk, Heechul, and SHINee Dancing HoMin’s Keep Your Head Down!!!

It’s a KYHD ADDICTED *lol*

Yeah, well, I’m going to give our SM’s boys vids for prooving the KYHD ADDICTED!!! XD


Enjoy~ 🙂


-This is the latest one, it’s Sungmin and Leeteuk on Sukira 🙂


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Park Yoochun’s Interview [Part II]

Compared to anyone else, Park YooChun (25) has unlocked the door to 2011 most spiritedly. We met him on the 13th and his face looked extremely bright. Through “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, the drama in which he made his acting debut, Park Yoochun won a total of 3 awards (Best Newcomer Award, Best Couple Award, Netizen Award) at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards. The Music Essay album by JYJ, a group in which he is a member of, has caused a sensation in bookstores, and he is going through a busy period.
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