KAT-TUN Announces A Big Live Event + First 5 Dome Tour + New album!

It’s been announced that KAT-TUN will be holding a live event at “Higashiougijima Higashi Park,” located inside of “Higashiougijima (artificial island)” in Kawasaki port in July. The park is directly across from the “Kombinat” (a big industrial complex) in Kawasaki City, so the atmosphere is sure to be unique.

According to Johnny’s Entertainment, they plan to have a parade during the event, and you are allowed to bring your dogs with you.  JE stated that they want to make the event like a summer festival.

The actual date is still under consideration, but it will be a 2~3 day event sometime in the middle of July, and it is assumed to pull in an audience of 20,000 per a day.  Member, Nakamaru Yuichi said, “It will be the biggest event for KAT-TUN!

KAT-TUN will also hold their first 5 Dome tour during May ~ October to celebrate their 5th year anniversary. In addition, they will also release a new album before their Dome tour.

We will update with more details as they are released, so stay tuned to tokyohive!

Source: Sanspo

Shared by: hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com

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