The Fight Between SMent and JYJ – SMent Artists Defend on TVXQ and Support TVXQ

That photos, is just another of SM artists for supporting on our TVXQ – HoMin at KBS Music Bank yesterday.

I don’t know why this problem became the spotlight on Hallyu News right now. I thought this is just another porblem of the Slave Contract by SM Entertainment. But I don’t know why all of SM artists join this thing, by supporting TVXQ and defending them? Maybe they did this because the CEO of SMent told them to? Can’t think how much money for paying them to did all of this…

But it’s just my opinion anyway…

Even, OBS PD blasts “idols” in a series of tweets regarding the TVXQ/JYJ situation.

Well, let’s check them out guys, and tell me what’s your opinion…

[7th January] Recently, SHINee’s Minho and Onew expressed their support for their senior labelmates after watching their return on stage. Both Minho and Onew posted photos they took with Changmin onto SHINee’s me2day account, which were attached with a bright message from both the boys.

Minho posted, “Everyone~ Did you see our TVXQ hyung’s first broadcast? It was really moving… TVXQ’s Yunho hyung~ and Changmin hyung that always are hard working! Even watching it again, I think they are so cool and really incredible. I’ll furthermore try hard and work hard like the hyungs, so keep watching over me. Let’s cheer them on together!^^

Onew posted, “None other than TVXQ!!! Our Yunho hyung~ and Changmin hyung that I love, who never let us down!!! You know it’s the beginning right~~^^? Everyone, from today’s first broadcast to their future, give your attention to the TVXQ hyungs’ steps!!! Ajajajajajajajat!!!!!!!!!!! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!

[7th January] On the afternoon of January 7th, Jungmo wrote on his personal mini-homepage:

I’m getting so frustrated, so I’m going to write a few things…
No matter how I see it, this isn’t right.
How could you repay kindness with ingratitude…
Do you really not feel who they are and how much they’ve cared for you?
It’s inevitable for everyone to change, but I’m getting scared now.
They started this because they liked music and the stage, but where has that all disappeared to now?
It’s upsetting, truly…

Super Junior’
s Eunhyuk also lent his support to TVXQ by visiting their comeback performance at KBS’s “Music Bank.”

He stated, “I watched the TVXQ seniors comeback performance, but I think I was more nervous than them.  Their impressive performance exceeded my expectations, it’s impossible to not be impressed it.  I’ve learned a lot from them.  It may have been a stage with two people, but I do believe they’ll show a fully packed stage.  Watching them made my throat close up, I hope they’ll be able to promote without any pressure.

SM Entertainment further commented, “Despite handling their own schedules, Eunhyuk made sure to text and call Yunho and Changmin to congratulate them on their comeback.  A lot of celebrity friends visited the duo as well.  They probably earned much strength from the visits.”

And this is the PD to shows such as “OBS Unique Entertainment News,” “Weekend Entertainment Magazine,” and “Good Events, Bad Events, and Weird Events,” and works with a staff of 30’s tweet:

[Today, 8th January] “Looking at idols lately, it’s not even funny anymore.  Do they think they’re a gang or something?  Why are they ganging up and fighting?  They’re not even the people in question, why leave messages like that?  If they’re public figures, they should act like public figures.  If not, just fight properly.  Why are there laws?  Don’t use the love of fans for your own personal profit, xx idol.

He continued, “Idols are really so funny.  Who do they think made them into who they are?  They probably think it’s themselves or their CEO or something.  Fools, the people that created you are your fans, how could you be so ungrateful?

Yoon re-tweeted a person that stated, “They were trained thoroughly by their company, even the emotions that they are born with is a product of training,” and further added, “It’s upsetting.

He continued, “The problem is that the idols don’t know their place and are acting out like this, but not one adult is restricting them.  Just because they’re nicknamed ‘adult-idols’ doesn’t mean anything.

When asked whether he was the PD that interviewed TVXQ in the past, he added, “You’re right.  When I interviewed TVXQ at the time, they were so happy with themselves that they even wanted to have their children become group singers.”

The PD concluded his series of tweets by writing, “Idols exist to give us hopes and dreams.  I hope that they continue to exist under that reason inside of me, and as much as they are models for their fans, I hope they love all so that misunderstandings do not happen amongst their fans.  I genuinely ask for them to, please.”

Source + Photos : SHINee’s me2day + @obspd + Newsen via Daum (1) (2), Asia Economy via Daum

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2 responses to “The Fight Between SMent and JYJ – SMent Artists Defend on TVXQ and Support TVXQ

  1. I agree 100% that its the fans that make who they are, not CEO, or the company, but idols some how tend to forget that. As for Yunho, who helped you out when you were homeless during your trainee days, not any of these idols who are praising you’d, let’s see who was it hmmm, oh that’s right one of the J’s in that trio, what’s their names?? Oh that’s right JYJ. it’s funny how people keep saying that they left dbsk, when its the company they left, but unfortunately dbsk was put together by that company so there was nothing they could do about that.

    Makes me laugh how everyone is making out that tvxq have the right to be angry, that the idols have the right to butt into something that didn’t involve them and yet they thought that jyj must just be greedy, but didn’t see jyj wanting money out if it, so if having to lose friends you thought were friends because of them wanting to terminate their rediculous contracts, then they weren’t friends to begin with. Like Junsu wrote, he didn’t know who his real friends were until after all this lawsuit BS.

    All I’m going to say to the idols who have not even been in jyj’s situation, hope you never go through what they did and still are because of your company, and if you do, think back to what you commented about them and who you supported. This ain’t a hate, because I listen to both,just over all the side taking and crap, grow up and stop the back lashing of idols who know why they’re angry with the company, your idols, people young teens meant to look up to.

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