Cassiopeia’s Letter … To All of Us Who Still Keep The Faith, and Who Lost His Track…

i found this article from OneTVXQ Forum,, and I very touched and started to cry LOL…

Soo, I wanna shared it too, for you guys…

For My Lovely Cassiopeia, and all of you who wants to read it 🙂



Don’t we have to be strong , Cassiopeia ?

If it’s JYJ
If’s HoMin

Who cares ?

What does SM want now ?
They want Cassiopeia to fight with each other so TVXQ will not have anything left.
HoMin had a very, very few works for a year. They weren’t appeared on television or radio at all and SM has just brought them out.
Because of what ?

It is because SM know exactly that although HoMin don’t litigate in case but their hearts belong to the other 3 members.

Please remember this Cassiopeia.
HoMin are still under SM so they don’t have a right to do anything.
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INFINITE – Before The Dawn Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]


Truthfully, Infinite is the only one new boyband that can makes me scream!!! XD

They’re so great and awesome–and of course I wouldn’t forget they’re Epik High’s junior ^^

BTW, you can download the song by clicking here ^^


Because I listen to my heart beat one by
Because I listen to my heart heart heart
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