JYP Nation New Photo + WonderGirls

This photo was given from Jo Kwon it twitter, check it out guys!!! 😀

Cool and Elegant…

Yup! That’s JYP Nation!!!

From their last photo from This Christmas MV, this one is totally different. But, my eyes always catch Mr. Park Jinyoung first, his rectangle face is amazing *LOL*. Naah, his charisma is the best!! 😀


BTW, I have some news for Wonderfuls here, got it from @followJYP’s a.k.a Park Jinyoung, the CEO of JYP Entertainment’s twitter… 🙂

He tweeted:

“Just wrote a new Wonder Girls song while shooting Dream High. So excited cuz I think it’s PRETTY good…Get ready girls!

In addition, it seems JYP will take a back seat in the production of the Wonder Girls new album as he later tweeted:

“I’m the most low-profile among the musicians and producers making the WG’s new album. So get ur hopes up and hold tight everyone!”

It’s going to be interesting to see what the Wonder Girls can bring this time around.


Tip: ajereen
Source(s): @followjyp, @2amkwon

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