Behind-The-Scenes From 2AM’s 1st Concert



On January 18th, Big Hit Entertainment released footage from 2AM’s “Saint O’ClockConcert through their official YouTube channel.

From the dance rehearsals to the vocal practices with the live band, fans were given a look into the making of 2AM’s first concert. The video also inserts clips from the actual concert itself, including its special stages. At the end, fans can view footage of 2AM being congratulated by their peers, which includes 2PM and San-E.

Big Hit Entertainment tweeted,

2AM Episode 1!! 2AM Concert Episode ver.1 upload!! There is a 2AM concert in Daegu this Saturday~^^ DooDoong!

Although the 2AM members have been busy with their individual schedules, the group will come together for yet another concert in Daegu on the 22nd.


Source: Big Hit Entertainment’s Twitter

Credits to: Allkpop

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