[Attention!!!] The Owner’s Letter


Maybe this is too late *sing too late part Chanmi XD*

OK, enough for those ‘ROFL’ thingy…

Maybe I’m having this blog for a short time, but this blog has changed my life. Now I know how to blogging, and I like it. Even I’ve to work with 5 and more web, tryin to find interesting post. I even makes some post from myself, like collecting photos and some sources, began to created some new stuff like editing photos etc.

But I’m just an ordinary girl.

I still have to study more, and I’m gonna facing my graduating examination this April. I’m gonna end my junior high times, and starting the senior one. Junior time is so precious to me. So much new stuff I’ve learned, and one of them is blogging 😀

At first, I made this blog is just for fun. But then, I’m concentrating and trying to use this blog usefully. I Love K-Pop and J-pop, especially TVXQ. So I’m trying to find news about them, trying to promoting TVXQ better, and making love of TVXQ.

Yeah, still… I can’t run from the reality…

I’m going to study hard till the end of my test 😀 . And after it finished, I’ll have my time full with you guys, giving some news… maybe more bonuses!!! 😀

Beside that, I wanna thank all of you who have visiting my blog till I have 4K ++ visitors!!! WooHoo!!!

But hey, it doesnt mean I’ll close this blog :), Im just like…Hiatus..yeah…hiatus.. And if I’ve some empty time, I’ll trying my best to search and post some news 🙂

That’s all I want to say *It’s too much already!!! XD*

Always Keep The Faith



Erru-Chan (Xiertic G.)


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