Tohoshinki GQ Japan Interview



Q: What are your impressions to stand on stage as Tohoshinki?
Changmin: I wanted to stand on stage. But I did not think of standing on stage feeling the obligation that I have to stand on it as soon as possible. I wanted to be more talented, and I thought that the first priority was to show a stage in high-quality finished form. So I did not think that I wanted to stand on stage as soon as possible.

Q: During your suspension of activities, did you two practice together?
Yunho: Yes, of course, even though we were not on stage, we were trying new ideas, communicating together, and getting stronger… (T/N: cannot make out all the words of the last sentence)

Q: How about the new song Why? (Keep Your Head Down)?
Y: For instance, if you have the skills, and if it was a good song, you would want to perform it. For instance, about the costumes, not only the two of us, but we were communicating with many staffs, and made this new piece of work..
C: Complete.
Y: Yes

Q: How about the costumes? Did you discuss about them, too?
Y: We prepared many costumes, and the opinions of us were included, too.

Q: How about your PV?
C: It is not only about the PV filming, but we definitely could not 100% be satisfied by the outcome. But since it was the much-awaited PV, I was looking forward to it, and to be honest, I was nervous and also felt some pressure. We were able to finish the filming quite well, and I think it will be a good PV.

Q: What were the points which changed with only the two members?
C: The people will think that the style will be different, for instance, dancing, when recording, there are only two members from the beginning to the end. There are more pressures than before, and I should say the responsibility is greater, too. In order to be responsible, we two have to acquire professional skills, and continue working hard. We want to evolve ourselves much more.

Q: How about your activities in Japan in 2011?
Y: For Tohoshinki, the next year should be a busy year. Not only in Japan but in Asia..
C: As a team, we would not like to limit our activities to one area of the world, but would like to go everywhere.


Source: naopocco @ youtube
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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