Dalmatian’s Stunning Comeback Performance


When Dalmatian debuted last year, the boys established a positive reputation as a talented group with strong vocals and rap skills. Their recent comeback, however, confidently cemented their position in the ‘talented rookie’ rank in the music industry.

Many expressed their disbelief over the group being ‘rookies’ after watching their comeback performances this week; the boys consistently delivered their solid talents, and utilized a cute, musical-like element to their performances that was both eye-catching and unique.

Fans commented, “They have the skills unlike any rookie.  Their live singing is absolutely perfect,” and “Their unique choreography is fun, it’s been a while since I was satisfied with both the singing and dancing.”

A representative of their agency explained, “For their comeback, the members of Dalmatian rehearsed endlessly to provide a great performance.  Member Youngwon, especially, dyed his hair about eight times to achieve his blue color.  We’re glad that they were able to live up to the expectations of fans.”

If all that high praise weren’t enough to convince you, check out the MR-removed performance below!



Source + Photos: Asia Economy, Joy News 24 via Daum
Tip: Chris

Shared by: hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com


Ooohhh, Jeesu is killing me with his high notes!!! :* Well yeah, I hope they’ll brcome a success boyband too ^^


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