Behind Rumors of Heechul – Mithra Jin Dating

Kkkekkekkekke…. LOL-ed at this one…

Just lucky got this news, and its so oh-aROFL one XD

I really need to know anyway, since I’m a big fan of Epik High and Super Junior 🙂

When both singers have open schedules, they admitted that they go on dates together. Whether it be going for a drive to the suburbs of Seoul to relieve stress, or eating their favorite sushi meals, the two have openly discussed that they enjoy each other’s presence.

“When I tell people that I’m very close with Mithra, people are very surprised,” Hee-Chul said. “Because the personality’s of our groups are different, people think that we would have nothing in common, but that’s not true, we have a lot in common.”

However, Hee-Chul says that although people are weirded out by the activities they do together, it’s really nothing to worry about.

We’re just real good friends, that’s all.”

LOL poor Hee and Mithra kkekkekke~


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