Dalmatian Talks About Their Mini Album

Fans have probably noticed by now, but Dalmatian is anything but rookie when it comes to talent. Each of the individual members are known for their extensive experience prior to their debut as a group, such as leader Inati with People Crew, Day Day as the rap instructor for JYP Entertainment, and Daniel with B2ST’s Yoseob.

Six of the seven tracks were produced by the members themselves, which gives a deeper meaning to the overall album in comparison to their “Round 1” debut.  Inati revealed, “We still consider ourselves rookies, and we still rehearse through the night and into the morning.  Just because we’ve released a mini-album doesn’t mean anything’s changed.  Our hearts are more determined than ever, but other than that, nothing’s changed.”

Jisu added, “We put a lot on the line for this album.  Of course this album doesn’t mark the end for us, but we worked as if it really was our last.  We consider this our real start, and hope to meet with our fans as soon as possible.”

Lover Cop,” one of their two title tracks, has a unique background story to go with its unique name.  The members revealed that they were watching RoboCop during their break and drew influence from the movie.  Jisu added his own personal touch by writing about his past love in the lyrics.

Dari explained, “Our music isn’t IQ as much as it is EQ.  ‘Round 1′ was filled with our hopes and dreams, whereas our recent comeback is full of stories about love to stimulate certain emotions.  We tried a variety of new ideas this time around.”

Another interesting point about the group is that there’s a 10 year age difference between hyung Inati and maknae Daniel Youngwon stated, “Leader hyung never loses his leadership image on stage.  He’s overflowing with charisma, but he’s actually quite the jokester.”

Daniel added, “Inati hyung’s nickname is ‘the 30-year-old you hate.’  I actually saw a book titled that at the book store, so I’m planning to gift it to him for his birthday this year (laughter).  He normally acts really cute, especially when he says ‘It’s mine!’ when we’re trying to eat something.”

Now that the topic’s completely moved on to Inati, the members continued their ‘explosive’ confessions about their leader.  They claimed that Inati never showers alone, and that he always calls at least one of them in to shower with him.  He forces the member to sit on the toilet and talks to them while he showers in the stall.

Inati clarified, “I wanted to get closer to the kids, and I always want to talk about a lot of different things while I shower.  Honestly, I get nervous when there isn’t someone there.  I can’t even sleep at night in case they all run away without me!”

When asked about their hopes for the New Year, Jisu shyly answered, “I want to win #1 on a music program,” while Daniel added, “I want people to think of our faces when they hear our name, not ‘101 Dalmatians‘.” Youngwon replied, “We’re looking forward to a rookie award this year.”

Day Day gave a shout out to their international fans by stating, “In our lyrics for ‘Round 1,’ there’s a part where it says we’re prepared all over the world.  Amongst the international fanbase, there’s quite many that love Dalmatian.  Not only our Korea, but we hope to expand and meet our fans all over the world.”

The group concluded, “Although it’s a mini-album, we worked on it like it was an official album.  This is an album we’ve all sweat blood and tears for during the past nine years.  As a group, we hope to work towards our fanbase as devils on stage and angels off stage.  Movies and dramas are boring without changing it up like that, right? (laughter) Please look forward to us!”

Source + Photos: Joy News 24 via Daum

Credits to:allkpop + hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com

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