Park Yoochun is a Fatherly Brother

Park Yoohwan said that his brother Park Yoochun is “A fatherly brother.”

Though he has made his debut as an actor, Park Yoohwan is more well known as Park Yoochun’s younger brother. News articles and interviews being released about him all include references to Park Yoochun. Though it wouldn’t have been surprising if Park Yoohwan felt a little disappointed by this, he smiled brightly and said, “I am proud of the fact that Park Yoochun is my older brother.“

Park Yoochun is five years older than his younger brother. Park Yoohwan said, “During my childhood, I lived in Virginia with my family. We were the only Asian people in our area. People were so racist against us that I walked around with a dark expression on my face. But when I was at home, I could smile brightly. My older brother took care of me like a father.“

Park Yoohwan confessed that he was momentarily happy when his brother left to Korea to become a celebrity. As they had been sharing a room together till then, Park Yoohwan first thought, “Everything is mine now.” But that young heart soon turned into a deep longing for his brother.

Afterwards, Park Yoochun succeeded as a singer. A few years ago, their family all returned to Korea, Park Yoohwan included. He said, “I was scared at first because I had left Korea at such a young age. I would sometimes speak impolitely to those much older than me. My brother retaught me of the proprieties of Korea with a firm hand.“

Park Yoohwan’s feelings about his brother seem to be pure and innocent. He said, “At home, he’s just a regular older brother. But when he gets on stage, it’s like he becomes a completely different person.” Park Yoochun is strict to his brother but never forgets to shower him with love.

Park Yoohwan watched Park Yoochun grace the stage. He also saw his older brother suffering over leaving TVXQ. But when Park Yoohwan told Park Yoochun that he wanted to become an actor, Park Yoochun didn’t stop him. Instead, he gave his younger brother some honest advice. “The entertainment industry is a rough place. Think over your decision seriously. But if you still want to become an actor after that, I’ll be there for you.”

And it seems that Park Yoochun is going to stick to his word. He attended the press conference of the drama Park Yoohwan currently appears in, ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’. He even appeared on location of the drama to see his brother. Park Yoohwan thanked him for coming and even said that he was hoping for a cameo appearance from his older brother.

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