100 Promises of Lee Haeri

1.Be a fantastic daughter of your parents

2.Cherish your self

3.Don’t skip a meal

4.Don’t forget yourst intention
5.Go to the hospital whenever you get sick

6.Take a fantastic care of your health

7.Don’t ever complain

8.Don’t lie

9.Read books whenever you may have cost-free time

10. Have to meet fantastic boyfriend

11.Whenever you obtain your prize you need to speak ‘Girls High’

12.Don’t be concerned about the simple issues

13.Whenever you tired, or you really feel sad don’t hide your 

14.Update your news on your homepage frequently

15.Have a look at the camera nicely whenever you’re on the stage

16.Get together with Minkyung

17.Usually smile

18.Take care of Minkyung like actual sister

19.Do your most effective whenever you do something

20.Often go to fan-cafe and leave a message

21.Make a fantastic deal of entertainer friends

22.Invest time for your family members once a month

23.Don’t be nervous too considerably on the stage

24.Take into consideration other people

25.Be a courteous individual

26.Don’t look back whenever you cry

27.Check your performance each and every time

28.Believe positively usually

29.Don’t practice too tough

30.Usually convey the gratitude to other people

31.Performing the most effective to be able to move toward the dream

32. A lways be humble

33.Take care of your throat
34. Appreciate your job
35. Speedily forget the poor issues
36. Be friendly with all artists in the exact same the agency
37. Don’t give up speedily
38. Whenever you may have a boyfriend. tell it to other people
39. Usually greet with the juniors or seniors
40. Do Not be picky
41. Obey your manager
42. Go to fan-cafe frequently
43. Whenever you wish to cry, just cry
44. The considerably more you know your self, the considerably more you turn out to be an appealing woman
45. Don’t make fans be concerned about you
46. Have the steady movement
47. Don’t absent your mind
48. Don’t forget that everyone has been usually supporting you
49. Treasured all gifts of other people
50. B e a role-model for other singers
51. Not considerably chat

52. Beware of men whenever you sleep or awake
53. Performing the most effective whenever you had been entrusted
54. Instead of compete with other people, just compete with your self
55. To believe of all of the fans
56. Living in abundance at this moment
57. Smile each and every morning to practice
58. Don’t be jealous of anything
59. Don’t confuse the lyrics
60. Don’t get hurt for the reason that of the malicious replies
61. D o not believe of your self too considerably
62. Going to see the new movie with Min Kyung
63. Be closer to othersst
64. Take a fantastic deal of Self-Cam and Upload them
65. Enhance fans to decrease anti-fan
66. C ontact the friends who you couln’t get in touch with for the reason that of becoming so busy
67. To live in a normal life
68. Don’t lose the ones whom really like you
69. Don’t give up your dream and maintain challenge
70. Be a proud daughter of your parents
71. D rink alot of water all day
72. Don’t lose confidence
73. Drinking a lot of water before appearing on stage
74. D on’t go out alone at night

75. Don’t drink a fantastic deal of alcohol
76. I also really like your weak image so, don’t pretend powerful
77. To make sure privacy management

78. To attempt new issues
79. Working tough at Vocal training
80. Strive to obtain acquainted with other fans
81. Never do your function till you get hungry
82. Usually be fantastic to meet the song again
83. Y ou need to know that your non-makeup-face is also fantastic

84. Don’t really like Male-Entertainer too considerably
85. Don’t wear the Straight face in front of fans
86. . You need to know that the ‘Girls high’ is usually your supporter

87. Express your gratitude although it truly is little thing
88. Stay forever as Davichi
89. Regardless of how tough the question is ,you still need to answer all of it
90. Working tough everyday for all fans
91. Even When it’s hot or cold, ,you still need to keep in mind that the fans are waiting
92. Each and every time the awards ceremony ,the awards may be harder to win
93. Strive to be remembered by all of the fans

94. Thanks to my mom whom gave birth to me,i can have the ability to sing on stage now
95. Usually be greatful to all fans for supporting
96. You need to maintain your promise that you said you could be a member of Davichi till you died
97. you need to know that Davichi will be the most effective along with the brightest singer on the stage

98. The fantastic singers can illuminate the world by their songs
99. D on’t neglect this list
100. R ead and find out this list considerably more time

Source : http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?sec=photo1&idxno=2011030516025187296

Translator : Sinyanmei@D.E.T/Girlshigh + HCJjeong@twitter

[Via source]

Shared by: hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com


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