FC Men Wins 1:0 Against Super Stars At The “2011 Peace Star Cup”

On April 15th, celebrity soccer team ‘FC Men‘ went against their rivals, the ‘Super Stars‘, at the “2011 Peace Star Cup Celebrity Soccer Championships” and took home a victory with a final score of 1:0.

Although it was FC Men’s first year playing in the championships, they sped to the top thanks to the direction of team captain Kim Junsu of JYJ, who was also chosen as an MVP at the game thanks to his performance as the team’s leader and striker.

After winning the award, Junsu stated, “It’s our first match, and I’m glad that we’ve won it. I’m happiest about the fact that none of our players got hurt. I hope to continue competing against other teams without any injuries.”

He continued, “Although our team promotes good fellowship, we’re also very competitive when it comes to choosing key players. Even though I’m the leader, if I get eliminated, I have to leave the team.”

To his fans, he stated, “We hope that you continue to support the ‘2011 Peace Star Cup.’ There’s still a lot of matches left, and I hope that people continue to come to our matches like all of the support we received today. Thank you so much for your support.”

Source: Sports World via Nate

Shared by:hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com

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