Girl’s Day’s Profile

At first, I know this girlband when Yoochun said that he’s interested with this girlband. So I’d like to find out and get addicted with their song, ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’. Not a debut song, but I like that the best kkekkekke~

So, if you curious as usual, let’s go check the profile below~! ^^b

Yu Ra

Twitter: @Girls_Day_Yura Cyworld:

Real Name: 김아영 (Kim Ah Young)

Name: 유라 (Yura)

Position: Leader Dance

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: November 6th, 1992

Education: Ulsan Art High School

Blood type: O

Height: 168cm

Personality: Cheerful, lively, and positive

Hobbies: Painting, Dancing & Listening to the music

Skills: Well-balance body shape (?), Outstanding dance skill

What she likes: Computer Game

What she dislikes:  Diet

How she became a member: Auditioned after being “cast” on an “ul-zzang” site

Ideal Type: Attentive, Has a sense of humor, and likes me (truly)

Role Model: Lee Seung Gi sunbae MC, variety, singing, acting, CF, acknowledged in all facets
Jinx: Gets pimples on a important days once in while
Habit: Shake my leg

Favorite Music: Quiet melodied piano-accompaniment song

Often visited place: Convenience store..?

Usual Fashion Style: Has a lot of fur

Friendly Entertainer: umm personally, same age and from the same place Kyung-Sang Do, Lizzy! (I want to be friends! [in blue])

Favorite Food: Meat! Meat! Meat!

Favorite Color: Strawberry milk color

Favorite number: 7

Favorite Movie: Action/Thriller

Favorite Motto: “This too shall pass.”

Song Covers:


Music Video:

Girl’s Day – Nothing Lasts Forever  (잘해줘봐야)


Girl’s Day Mini Album – Girl’s Day Party #2


MBC Bouquet Variety Show

Photoshoot Magazine:

Maxim Korea Magazine

Fun facts:

She’s the tallest in the group

She showed her no-make up face in Bouquet.

She has insurance for her legs, value of a 500,000,000 ₩ (~$449,000)

She was an ulzzang

Sometimes her Ulsan accent/satori comes out. So cute.

She is a Meat Maniac!


Twitter: @Girls_Day_Hyeri Cyworld:

Name: 이혜리 (Lee Hyeri)

Position: The youngest and Dance Leader

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: June 9th, 1994

Education: Seoul Performing Art High School

Education: Mansun Kindergarten – Sam Ri Elementary – Garak Middle School – GongYeon girls high-school

Blood type: AB

Height: 167cm

Family: Parents, Younger sister

Hobbies: Watching movies and reading a book

Skills: Marathon, Writing

What she likes:  Movies

What she dislikes:  Cold and Stairs

Personality: So Cool~~ But easily hurt and softie with lots of tears

How she became a member: Coincidentally casted and auditioned.
Ideal Type: Real man. Brusque but surreptitiously takes care of all for you.
Role Model: Um Jung Hwa sunbae. I look up to you!
Jinx: I always have skin troubles on broadcast days.
Habit: Blank expressions
Favorite Music: R&B
Often visited place: Company, dorm, broadcast center …. dance practice room
Usual Fashion Style: Comfortable clothes!! I like hoodie-tees
Friendly Entertainer: Yoo Jae Suk sunbae!! I’m a fan. ke ke
Favorite Food: Sushi (korean version)
Favorite Color: Black, Red, Purple
Favorite Number: 3,6,9
Favorite Movies: Thriller, Action
Favorite Motto: Don’t start something you’re going to give up on.


MBC Bouquet Variety Show

Photoshoot Magazine:

Maxim Korea Magazine

Fun facts:

She’s the youngest in the group

She was in Wawa Dance Company

She can squeak so loud! (via bouquet)

She is Big Laugh Hyeri.

Min Ah

Twitter: @girls_day_minah Cyworld:

Name: 방민아 (Bang Minah)

Position: Lead Vocal

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: May 13, 1993

Family: Father, Mother, (Older) Sister, Puppy

Education: Young-Gwang Kindergarten – Sung-Gee Elementary – North Inchon Girls Middle School – Jin-Sun Girls High School

Blood type: O

Height: 165 cm

Hobbies: Watching Movies and making facial expression,dancing, Listening to Music

Skills: Acting Cute, Piano, dancing, singing, impersonating Lena Park

What she likes: Eyeglasses (Nerdy glasses), Hats, something tasty (foods) and animals.

What she dislikes: Getting nag at and weighting scale

Personality: Hmmm… Seems easy going but more timid than most

How she became a member:
While attending Vocal Training School, the principal founded a company so I came with him. So in reality, amongst the members, I’m the most senior. Something only I know.

Ideal Type: Someone who has sense and listens

Role Model: Beyonce, Lee Hyori, Kim Dong Ryul l

Jinx: Whenever I go to the broadcast center, stomach really hurts

Favorite Music: It’s changes with time but currently listening to “white people music” (in white)

Place often visited: Dance room

Usual Fashion:
Casual, Vintage…?

Friendly Entertainer: Becoming friends with Rainbow’s JaeKyoung unnie.

Favorite Food: As long as it is hot (spicy).

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Number:

Favorite Movie: Notebook

Favorite Motto:
You get what you put into it.

Fun facts:

She loves Selca!

She loves to wear lensless glasses

She said she loves singing and acting

She has an angelic smile

She’s a kkab girl version of Jo Kwon

She likes to dance to part of ‘Change by Hyuna’ song

She can poop in under 30 seconds (which means, she’s healthy!)

Ji Hae

Twitter: @girls_day_jihae Cyworld:

Name: 우지해 (Woo Jihae)

Position: Girl’s Day ‘Power Dance’ and Rapper

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: May 14, 1989

Family: Parents, me

Education: Doong-Bae Kindergarten, Seoul Dae-do Elementary, Kowhai intermediate school, Sook-Myung Girls Middle School, Duk-won Girls High’s School, Sung Kyun Kwan University (School of Dance)

Blood type: B

Height: 163 cm

Hobbies: Music appreciation, Shopping, Exercise (Gym) and Yoga.

Skills: Korean Dance, Modern Dance, Ballet and Hiking/Climbing.

Personality: Quiet and frank, temperamental

How she became a member: Auditioned through an acquaintance

What she likes: White, Thinking when she’s alone and  shoes (High Heels)

What she dislikes: Flat Shoes,  Snakes and people who curse.

Ideal type: Handsome when he laughs, doesn’t care about outward appearances

Role Model:
Lee Hyori sunbae

Jinx: If eyebrows don’t come out well during make up, whole day is gloomy

Habit: Looking at mirror

Favorite Music: R&B, pop, ballad

Place often visited: Yuksam-dong dorm, company, dance room and refuge alone on a tree lined street.

Usual Style: Casual. Women-like

Friendly Entertainer: Sistar Bora

Favorite Food: raw fish (korean sashimi) , Sushi (korean style)

Favorite Color: White, Gray, Black

Favorite Number: 7

Favorite Movies:
Mellow, Mysteries

Favorite Motto:
Let’s not lie.

Fun facts:

She’s the shortest in the group

She can do leg split

She claim to be an ‘innocent‘ rapper

She danced to ‘Beyonce – Sweet Dream’ (Click here)

She’s in charge as a ‘Woman’ in Girl’s Day (meaning that she’s feminine? than the other girls)

She went on Vacation to China on New Years 2011 with her cousin

So Jin

Twitter: @girls_day_Sojin Cyworld:

Name: 박소진 (Park Sojin)

Position: Girl’s Day Leader and Main Vocal

Agency: Dream Tea Entertainment

Birthdate: May 21, 1986

Education: Yeongnam University (Major: Mechanical Engineering)

School Graduates: Ahyun Elementary School, Seobu Girls’ Middle School, Kyungduk Girls’ High School, Yeungnam University

Family relationships: Parents, Younger brother (With her brother?) (With her Mom) (Singing with her mom)

Blood type: AB

Height: 167 cm

Family relationships: Parents, Younger brother

Hobbies: Cleaning, searching for a good song, writing music, browsing youtube video, Shopping, eating snacks  and playing piano

Skills: Piano and Calligraphy

Personality: Clear Likes and Dislikes. Really cheerful. Sadness and anger is clearly expressed. Endures anything can be endured.

What she likes: Dress, Cuttlefish, Violet, Disney Animation and Reading Magazine.

What she dislikes: Annoying things, Dirty, Bugs and Rats/Mice

How she was selected to be a member: Coincidentally by introduction to a sound engineer.

Ideal Type: Has strong eyes, definite point of view, faithful and attentive person

Role Model: Um Jung Hwa. long time leader of her generation. Abundant expressiveness and depth

Jinx: When there is a music broadcast or singing schedule, wears black underwear. (Secret. ke)

Habit: Says “Um-Chung” a lot (means “a lot” or “really”)

Music Enjoyed: Soul, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, R&B

Place often visited: Dorm… company… practice room… wah! (Before it was always Hong-Dae)

Usual Fashion Style: Casual, Vintage, I like eye-catching and different things.

Friendly Entertainer: I would like to find friends of same age born in 86

Favorite Food: Beef, Chicken, Seafood

Favorite Color: Black, white, purple

Favorite Number: 5 Looks so cute. round and round

Favorite Movie: Love Actually

Favorite Motto: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – The Alchemist

MBC Bouquet Variety Show

KBS Road for Hope [Live Performance] [PICS/Cover&BTS of MV]

Shimshimtapa Radio (with her mom)  [Official Picture] [Live singing with her mom]

Kukitv Bling Bling Girl’s Day [RAW EP1]

Mnet Beatles Code with Minah [RAW 101125] [Official Pictures]

Love Chaser Ep 12 [RAW 101118]

Mnet Japan ‘Girl’s Day Kira Kira Slim’ [ENG SUB EP 1/110104] [RAW EP 2/110111]

Photoshoot Magazine:

Esquire Magazine [CLICK HERE]

Maxim Korea Magazine [CLICK HERE]

Fun facts:

Likes to eat!

She’s the oldest in the group but she acts like a magnae 🙂

She has big eyes!

She’s the 2nd tallest in the group

She had difficulty doing the splits on her first performance of NLF but she’s getting better at it!

She knows how to put together a car. (She has welded/soldered before.)

She is one of  the 8 girls among 800 students in her engineering class.

She has a really cute eye smile

She can impersonate a ‘Yorkshire Terrier’ dog sound.

She can impersonate a monkey.

Her waist is only 20 1/2 inches (PIC HERE)

She has rapping skills.

She likes to knit.

Her favorite rain boots is this

Sources:  Girlsday Cafedaum, Naver, Dreamtea official website, Observing from videos/articles, the-star interview
Translated and compiled by: Achel, Tammy, Sen & Ricardox @girlsdaydaily

Shared by: [copying from Girl’s Day Daily]


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