Park Yoochun’s ‘Boeing Sunglass’ style

Spring in April, the sunlight is becoming more intense, a lot of people for the protection of their eyes will select sunglasses to go with their fashionable outfits.

Park Yoochun and many other celebrities have wore Boeing Sunglass during formal occassions, showing a simple yet fashionable style. JYJ member Park Yoochun at VIP movie premiere, he appeared in a relaxed style wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, adding Boeing Sunglass, perfectly exhibiting a handsome yet fashionable style.

Black Square Frame Boeing Sunglass D6149-1BLSM is a DOX Japan product, can exhibit a fashionable and handsome style like Park Yoochun, with a strong feel of charisma. The frame as black and brown blending Louisquatorze product Boeing Sunglass, will give people a more gentle style.

credit: jrw8008
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