U-Know Yunho’s Appearance in BoA’s New Film: COBU 3D

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho will be making a cameo appearance on “Asia’s Star” BoA’s debut acting appearance, Hollywood’s “COBU 3D.”

On 20 May, Yunho’s Korean representatives said that Yunho had already left for Toronto, Canada to appear in “COBU 3D,” which is in the filming process. He will be the special guest star in “COBU 3D” Continue reading

B2ST/BEAST – On Rainy Days Lyric [Han/Eng/Rom]


sesangi eoduwojigo
joyonghi biga naerimyeon
yeojeonhi geudaero
oneuldo eogimeobsi nan
beoseonajil motane
neoui saenggak aneseo
kkeuchiraneun geol aljiman
miryeoniran geol aljiman
ije anil geol aljiman
geukkajit jajonsime neol japji motaetdeon naega
jogeum aswiul ppuninikka
biga oneun naren nareul chajawa
bameul saewo goerophida
biga geuchyeogamyeon neodo ttaraseo
seoseohi jogeumssik geuchyeogagetji

Kim Junsu Says, “Mozart! Is More Than Just A Musical To Me”

-Why did you choose to appear in ‘Mozart!’ despite your busy schedule?
‘Mozart!’ is a production that I hold so dear to me. It opened my eyes to the charm of the musical genre and it’s a musical that gives me great strength. When I was worn out, it helped me face the world again. So I always told myself that I would take up any chance to sing in ‘Mozart!’ again. When I heard that there were going to be ‘Mozart!’ performances this year, I pestered my agency into letting me join. (laughter) I wanted to do this because it’s ‘Mozart!’ Continue reading

Xiah Junsu Proved His Vocal Talent Once Again!!! :D

The video of JYJ’s Kim Junsu (formerly known as TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu) singing to a karaoke instrumental has become a hot topic amongst netizens.

On the 14th, Kim Junsu appeared on an internet broadcast program and sang ‘That Man’, the theme song of the SBS drama ‘Secret Garden’, famous for being sung by Hyun Bin.

Kim Junsu lived up to his reputation as the most vocally talented idol singer in the industry by perfecting ‘That Man’ with his trademark husky voice. Continue reading

Tohoshinki Dances With Silver Bear In Their First CM After Comeback

Popular Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki attended a press conference for their appearance in the first TV CM after restarting their activities.

Tohoshinki will be working with the 7 & i Group on their summer campaign. In the promotional CM for Sogo-Seibu’s “Silver Bear’s Silver Card,” Tohoshinki dances together with the mascot character, the Silver bear, to their new song “I Don’t Know.” Continue reading

HoMin At KBS Open Concert Photos

Whoaa, these guys are so cool!!! *admit it :p*

Haha, anyway just go chec them out! 😀 (sorry if there’s some pictures I couldn’t upload, I only choose soe pics that I think ‘it could make you faint’ lol ^,^v)

Credits: TVXQBaidu + as tagged + kokays@lj
Shared by: DBSKnights

Why Isn’t Xiah Junsu On The ‘Immortal Music Classics 2’ Show?

JYJ’s Kim Junsu has already been recognized countless times as the most vocally talented idol in the industry. He has made his mark, not only during Kpop performances, but also through musicals, selling out tens of thousands of tickets, winning the Best Newcomer Award at both The Musical Awards and The Korean Musical Awards and being praised as talented enough to perform in Broadway. He is an outstanding individual whose talent would be wasted to be considered a mere idol who sings hair-raising lyrics such as “I want to be your bed for one day.”

I will not mention the TVXQ split that everyone knows about. Continue reading

5Doll’s Photos & Video Teaser for ‘Like This or That’

Co-Ed’s female sub-unit 5dolls are back for another round of promotions after concluding their debut earlier this year.

The girls teamed up with hit composers Kim Kibum, Kang Jiwon, Shinsadong Tiger, and Choi Kyu Sang for a new club remix album titled, “Time to Play“. Comprised of eight tracks, five of them are remixed songs from their debut album, “Charming Five Girls.” The album also includes an intro and two new songs, one of which is their title track, “Like This or That.”

Like This or That” is the work of Kim Kibum and Kang Jiwon (of SECRET’s “Madonna“, “Shy Boy“, “Magic“). It features an addictive bass sound and an electric guitar, which combined gives a retro feel to the chorus. Continue reading

Fruits Basket’s Official Soundtrack (OST.) Tracklist

YEAH! I know, late again, rite? Don’t tell me, please… =,=*

This is the first time I post about Anime things *at last I found a good thing to post*. I found the 5th eps of the comic in a bookstore yesterday, and without thinking I grabbed the book and bought it… You know, Fruits Basket? Another old anime with 23 episodes *if I didn’t wrong*, where the anime already released before the manga existed. It is the most perfect manga for me, not very long–even it’s very fictionary world (I Know *sighs*). But I really like this, starting fro the haracters, the BGM (background Music, FYI), the story-line, I really Love It!!! 😀

Well, after all, just checked the tracklist! 😀

===== Continue reading