Admin’s: Back to The Deck—Waiting for the Next Step…

Hello, this is Erru-Chan. Owner of this blog–if you don’t know…

Aisshh, I’m totally being a loner here (Of course, I didn’t even try to find another author, kkekkekke~) But it’s okay, still happy when I saw the visitors keep increasing everyday, even when I didn’t update it. Gosh, I thought after I’m doing the national exam+grading exam, I will be definitely update this blog everyday—cause I don’t have anything else to do, except for…waiting the result of the ‘Next Step’.As you guys know (like you guys know LOL), I’m still a junior high student who going to be graduating this year (totally, it’s this month if there’s no changing plan). Yeah, I have like, umm… Dokidoki *I forgot what Jaejoong just said at the ‘T’ Live Performance Backstage… I totally forgot them all!!! >A<* Well, it’s gonna be a rush–that’s what I call it. Afraid of not getting into the school that I want, afraid of not getting graduate, afraid of ugly scores, afraid of making my parents unhappy about the score and he graduating program, and I, being afraid of myself… TT~~~~~~~~~TT

But, well.. I hope it’s going to be well. Trying not think of them, I still have friends, though. Who makes me fell better everyday (that’s one of the reason I went to the school everyday, even if I didn’t do anything there XD) *thankies, bowed~* PLUS, I got my facebook account back *now I’m stabilizing~ :D* and, umm…not very active in twitter (I don’t think I’m going to hiatus, but just trying not to get drunk of twitter, right? 😉 ). By the way, uhh…would you like to pray for my goodness? Ahh, I need some pray for my future *begged XD*

Well, uh…okay, I think I’ve completely explain to you about this blog’s ‘un’update thingy. I already told you anyway, that this blog isn’t always update for the latest news. I just want to share news that I want to (or able to) share. But no worry, if you want to req some things just tell me! 😉

Best Regards,



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