Lee Soo Man Thought f(x)’s “Pinocchio” Had to Be More Special

After a 11 month hiatus, f(x) returned to the music scene with “Pinocchio.” While other idol groups release back-to-back albums in order to stay relevant, f(x) proved that they didn’t need to rely on those typical marketing tactics; their unique and distinctive style would speak for them instead.

“It feels like we’re finally being acknowledged for our style,Luna excitedly said.

They’ve already topped countless music charts and have a “Music Bank” trophy under their belt, but it took a long time to achieve that success. Their title track alone went through countless revamps in order to become what it is today.

The girls revealed that the lyrics for the song were originally completely different. Producer Lee Soo Man had said, “If it’s under the name of f(x), don’t you think it has to be a bit more special than that?”

They eventually took apart the lyrics, which set off a chain effect. If the lyrics had to be changed, then so did the song’s style and their singing methods as well.

Krystal commented, “Our original lyrics were ‘normal’ and ‘public friendly.’ The current ‘Pinocchio’ lyrics has a lot of words that aren’t used often.” Luna continued, “I underwent a lot of changes with my singing style to give more life to the lyrics.” Victoria added, “The lyrics were hard for me to understand, so I had to get a lot of help from the members”

Their efforts definitely paid off, as the girls are not only are they seeing success musically, but in the variety industry as well. ”I loved watching ‘We Got Married‘ before I got to actually be on it. Through the program, I’ve improved on my Korean and met a lot of good friends,” Victoria said.

Amber, who’s been away for a few months due to her ankle injury, added, “I had a lot of fun watching the members pursue individual activities. I paid special attention on my health because I wanted to get back and promote with the members as fast as possible.” Smiling, she stated, “I’m now completely healthy.”

Krystal, who previously starred in MBC’s “Charming by the Day“, revealed, “I’d like to pursue action acting next.”

Maknaes Sulli and Krystal also revealed that they would like to get their driver’s licenses as soon as they reach the eligible age. ”I want to go through the drive-thru at fast food restaurants,” Sulli explained. As for Krystal? “I want to go on a drive in an open car.”

Source: Donga via Naver

Shared by: hallnimusbyer.wordpress.com

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