One Way – Rainy Days (Feat. Junsu of 2PM/Jun.K) [Han/Eng/Rom]

No comment. I love One Way starting from this song, kkekkekke~ *no…* I mean, I started to love One Way, but not a fans. Just…like *aisshh, pabo Author LOL*

Hangul & Romanization/Romanji

아침에 눈을 뜨면 항상 옆에 있던

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Xiah Junsu – Too Love Lyric (SungKyunKwan Scandal OST.) [Han/Eng/Rom]


I really don’t know, cause I thought that I already post it alongside with the Yeorim photos… T~~~T I really love this song from the start, but I don’t know if I’m this stupid, not posting this lovely lyric… phew~

Okay, forget that. This lyric has a deep meaning, and it always played during the end of the drama. Oh! And Junko’s voice is very sad, he’s good at following the lyric’s feelings… 😥 He made us cry, right? Aah, after all, just check them out by yourself. hehe~

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Yunho in ‘Kiss&Cry’ Photos

The King is in the Skate Ring!!! 😀 Actually it has so many pics, but I couldn’t bear to upload it all huehehehe~

Never thought that Yunho is the King of Skate there!!! From the pics, we could see that he’s actually good at skating. Is it just because of the training for ‘Kiss and Cry‘ or he’s really could do skating since a kid? I don’t have the answer *LOL* OK, so just enjoy the pics!! 😀

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