Tohoshinki Dances With Silver Bear In Their First CM After Comeback

Popular Korean dance and vocal group Tohoshinki attended a press conference for their appearance in the first TV CM after restarting their activities.

Tohoshinki will be working with the 7 & i Group on their summer campaign. In the promotional CM for Sogo-Seibu’s “Silver Bear’s Silver Card,” Tohoshinki dances together with the mascot character, the Silver bear, to their new song “I Don’t Know.”

As the Silver bear was digitally added using CG, Yunho said sadly, “I wanted to meet the bear but it was added using CG…” then looked at the Silver bear which was placed at a side, asking it “Have you been well?” and creating a lot of laughter. Also, with regards to the dance choreography for the new song, Changmin revealed, “Honestly speaking, we only did 15 seconds of the dance for the CM,” and “I’m looking forward to seeing what the whole thing will look like, so let’s anticipate it together,” he commented.

The shooting was done together with both Japanese and Korean staff. Yunho said, “It’s been a long time since we’ve worked with the Japanese staff so I was nervous, but we managed to settle in quickly, and did the shoot with a good feeling,” thinking back to the photoshoot. Changmin said, “I was interpreting (for the staff),” and talked about the episodes.

After both men had viewed the complete CM, Yunho praised the Silver bear, saying “He danced better than we did.” Changmin then retorted, “It’s a pity that his arms and legs are too short,” to which Yunho replied, “But that can’t be helped” with a laugh, showing the closeness between the two.

Also, their participation in “a-nation,” the outdoor music festival organised by Avex, was announced, and Yunho commented, “I’m happy to be able to participate (in a-nation) again after two years. I want to work hard, and will not be defeated by the heat,” and Changmin said, “a-nation is a big summer event, and  we are able to participate in it again after two years, so I want to show a passionate stage,” with determination. With regards to the Tohoku Earthquake, Changmin said, “(The victims) must have suffered a lot. I want to tell them, let us work hard together to overcome this (disaster)”

The new CM will start airing on 13 May. The song that was used in the CM, “I Don’t Know,” is being released as a limited edition single. Also, during the campaign period, “Tohoshinki Reccommended Gifts” (Mid-year Presents) will also be introduced via 7-Eleven, Ito Yokado, 7net shopping and other stores.

Source : [Pia]

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