Kim Junsu Says, “Mozart! Is More Than Just A Musical To Me”

-Why did you choose to appear in ‘Mozart!’ despite your busy schedule?
‘Mozart!’ is a production that I hold so dear to me. It opened my eyes to the charm of the musical genre and it’s a musical that gives me great strength. When I was worn out, it helped me face the world again. So I always told myself that I would take up any chance to sing in ‘Mozart!’ again. When I heard that there were going to be ‘Mozart!’ performances this year, I pestered my agency into letting me join. (laughter) I wanted to do this because it’s ‘Mozart!’

-What is the unique charm of ‘Mozart!’?
Most importantly, the music of ‘Mozart!’ is beautiful. The lyrics are really good too. So even when I wasn’t actually performing, I would sing songs from ‘Mozart!’. (laughter) In the song ‘Golden Star’, the baroness sings lyrics that say, ‘Break the high palace walls, go forth into the big world, find your dreams and make them come true.’ I think the lyrics give strength and comfort to the singer as well as the listener.

-What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of ‘Mozart!’?
I think of Mozart as a person who wanted to be recognized and loved by other people. Though the musical deals with the life story of a musical genius, it is also the story of someone who feels lost in the world. I think about the humane aspect of Mozart.

-Did you feel a sense of kinship with Mozart?
Something like that. Because I am a person before I am a singer, I could relate to many of the emotions that Mozart felt.

-Did you hear that the tickets for your performances were sold out very quickly?
I want to thank the people who are showing their love for my performances. To repay them for that love, I have to work harder.

-Last year, you won the Best Male Newcomer Award and Popularity Award at various musical awards ceremonies through ‘Mozart!’. How do you feel when you receive an award as a musical actor?
I’ve always been happy when I received awards as a singer, but what I felt when I received an award as the ‘musical actor Kim Junsu’ was completely different from what I had felt before. Though I felt a little bashful, I liked it. Because I had received the Best Newcomer Award as a musical actor after having performed as a singer for so long, it felt like I was starting a new beginning. (laughter)

-What is good about having previous experience as a singer?
My stage experience helps me a lot. I’m used to connecting with the audience through concerts and performances. Even when I stand on large-scale stages in musicals, I don’t feel nervous.

-Is there anything special you do to take care of your vocal chords?
I follow the basic rules. I don’t drink or smoke, and I sometimes were a mask to protect my throat.

-What were the reactions of the other JYJ members when they watched you perform?
They praised me and said, “You’re so amazing! You did really well!” I was so proud of myself. (laughter)

Source: [movie week]

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