Author’s: Please, Forgive Me… T~T


this is Erru-Chan speaking…

*sighs* It’s a though time, knowing the promise I’ve maede with you guys. As you know, I’m doing a test for Senior High–and I failed T^^T

Besides that, my computer was switched with my old-broken CPU, and I don’t know how to work with that thing if it turned off for every a half-hour. Do you know how to work with it? xD

I’m really a fragile right know. All of my hope is broken and I don’t know how to wake up from a nightmare, it’s a cruel thing. Well, at least ‘Always Keep The Faith‘ helps me a lot. It doesn’t mean I abandoned my friends, it’s just that… I have this kind of manner, when I want to talk about personal probs, my mouth shutted up and talks to another story. It su*cks!!! I have a–or two, friends who knows my probs, but not fully knows. And I couldn’t help it…

Sometimes it bothers me too, when I want to post a new article, or searching for articles, I think about them and I stopped right there… I’m really sorry, I’m just another ordinary girl who face some probs of a real life 🙂

OK, I must go to rest, I’m sick right now, and I don’t have much time to write some articles *bows*

Annyeooong, keep healthy everyone~ ^^

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