After School Red & Blue Team Concept Photos and Album Covers

After School took a unique approach for their newest comeback, splitting into two units – ‘After School Red‘ and ‘After School Blue‘ – fostering friendly competition between the members.

The famous composer / producer Brave Brothers will collaborate with After School’s Kahi, Jungah, Uee, and Nana for After School Red’s “In the Night Sky“, while After School Blue’s Raina, Lizzy, Jooyeon, and E-Young will be working with Jo Young Soo.

Living up to their respective concepts, the red team is pictured with a sizzling new look, while the blue team poses innocently in the middle of a field.

Producer Han Sung Soo of Pledis Entertainment revealed, “The decision to promote both teams at once was reached after much discussions and debates. As such, we would like fans to anticipate the very best, both in concept and music, for both teams. The members are as lively as ever with the friendly competition, and this promotion will be especially meaningful in that we’ll be able to show off two different sides to the beauty that is After School.”


Source: Pledis website + allkpop

Credits and Shared by: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer



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