Author’s: New Days on Senior High~

Annyeonghashimnika, this is Erru-Chan speaking (again) *of course! this is my blog!!! lol*

How is you day these days? Fun? Me think so. For a student like me, being received from a senior high school is truly a good thing. Even if it’s far from my house, and a downtown school, but for me, it’s always’ve been the best thing ^^

Now, I’m doing some…err, what ya? In my country lang, it called MOS. It’s like, umm…an event, wich you have to pass through right with those strict rules…is it like that? xD well, uh, some people said it was for introducing the school, meet new friends etc etc etc~

Aisshh, my English is getting worse and worse since I’ve never blogging for more than a week, and I rarely watch Western movies too these days, since Indonesia didn’t imported Western movies–oh no, it’s outer movies (worse~ T^^T)

But yeah, I’m still working on it. Searching for friends…and oh, you know what? I already met some nemesis T^^T how pity~ but uhh, maybe it’s just what I think. Hope not!!! And uh, for those things that I have to use, such as a recycle hat(and I’m making it a bit witch style kkekkekke~), and umm, a bag that made from sack (urrgghh, I hate this one the most >0<), and some badges which is my favorite *ROFL~* If I don’t do it, I’ll get ‘The Worst Student Ever’ named alongside my nametag =..=

Anyway, I’ll take it easy as it is *WTH is ‘easy as it is’????!!!!*. I have to change, sooner or later. Everything I have to do, I must do it without any regrets, right? I’m going to be a teenager, and I don’t wanna be the worse one 😉

Oh yeah, my words are such a great things, I hope I cand show it that well~

That’s my excuse for my absents this week *bow* I’m so sorry, but I’ll come back as soon as I can. And specially, I don’t wanna miss my blog’s anniversary!!!! 😀 😀 😀 you know when?? July 23th 2011. Aww, my blog is already 1 year old x3 please don’t miss it, I will have some parties that day!! And IT’S SATURDAY!!!! >w<

Woah, okay then. I already talk too much, and you know I don’t have much time today *just got home at 03.37 pm here T~T*, and I still have some homeworkees to do ^,^;

Gonna catch up, see you later! Take care!!!! ^^

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