Afterschool Plagiarized Fin.K.L???

After School’s new sub-unit AS Blue is caught in a controversy that allege they copied old school K-pop girl group, Fin.K.L.

AS Blue released their new song “Wonder Boy” on July 20th, and the song quickly garnered accusations of how it was too similar to Fin.K.L.’s 1999 hit song, “Forever Love“. Not only does the song have a similar concept, but the last line which states “Promise me” can also be found in Fin.K.L.’s work as well.

Pledis Entertainment explained,

It is true that we set Fin.K.L’s ‘Forever Love’ as the concept, since it had a huge ripple effect in the ’90s. However, we were only paying to the innocence and bubbly feel of ‘Forever Love’. We did not intend to cause a controversy over plagiarism.

‘Forever Love’ was able to receive much love because it had easy lyrics to sing along to and a fun melody. We wanted to recreate that positive effect through ‘Wonder Boy’.

‘Wonder Boy’ is a pop song that can be joyfully listened to, and is easy to sing along to. If you watch a performance, you will see that AS Blue has a own charm totally different from Fin.K.L’s.

Unfortunately for AS Blue, their connection to Fin.K.L. isn’t the only controversy they have to face. The girls really sought to exude a sense of innocence in their image, but netizens were thrown off by how they donned white garter belts in the music video.

Many people are expressing that garter belts, often considered to be a sexy, if not racy fashion item, are inappropriate for AS Blue’s innocent and cute concept.


Source: Newsen via NateNewsen

Shared by: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer

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