Welcome Back DJ Tukutz!!! Free From Military Service!! ^^

DJ Tukutz of Epik High finished his military service today on August 9th. In the morning in Incheon he finished his celebration and returned home. During the celebratory event for his return, there were many fans that came to congratulate him.

The other two members of Epik High appeared in a dream concert on June 17th. Also, Mithra Jin is still in the military. He had decided to enter his military service quietly because of the controversy surrounding Tablo’s educational background.

As of July 22nd, the court case against “TajinYo” (The café that demanded the truth from Tablo and made the most serious allegations) was postponed. This was the 4th hearing and the court date was pushed back to December, the reason being that Tablo’s entrance proof and graduation proof from Stanford had not arrived yet. A representative of Tablo’s side stated, “Through the Korean prosecutor’s office, Tablo’s documents were already examined.”

In the other side, Mithra Jin already entered the military service last year quietly on 3 August. It is when netizens’ ongoingattacks on Tablo and his educational history. Well, just pray for the best of them to comeback! Can’t wait!!! ^^


Source: Newsen+Soompi
Credits: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer

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