Fruits Basket Wallpaper Gallery~ ^^

Just wanna update some, but uhh—sometimes I don’t like update with those latest news, because sometimes its boring. and yet, Im not aiming for the newest update for filling my blog. So, I only try to make myself happy and you by filling up with some things that I interested in 🙂 *sorry bad tenses, Its already 02.30 a.m here and Imma bit sick again =..=”v)

Okay! This time, will fillin up with my favorite manga: FRUITS BASKET!!!
Maybe it’s not a complete one to fulfill your love to them *esp YUKII~!!!! >//////<* but I’ll try to make up my mistakes, okay? ^^
enjooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyy~~~~!!!! ^^



THE LAST ONE!!!! Well, I like this one the best~ ^w^ :: P E A C E ::



…OK, this one is a bonus! xD a fanmade by Yoru no Yume onee-chan~^^ domo arigato!!! >w< *note: she really done it well :DDD*


Credits: as tagged + TheOtaku
Re-upload by: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer
Shared by: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer


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