The Rumor of Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Dating: CONFIRMED!!!

Park Min Young’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, stated, “When the two appeared in the drama together, they were quite in tune with one another. It seems that they’ve developed feelings for each other during the filming and after filming concluded.

In the evenings, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young either drank tea together or had a beer. They also spent their leisure time going on drives.
At first, StarHaus representatives stated, “The two have known each other for a while and naturally grew to become friends. They met a few times after ‘City Hunter’ came to an end, but it’s hard to call that dating. They’ve merely just begun to have an interest in one another. They may begin dating once they learn more, but it’s too early to say they’re dating yet. Furthermore, since it is the private life of our actor, we don’t want to release additional details on it.”



Park Min Young’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, on the other hand, responded, “They’re carefully getting to know each other. They are not dating.”

They continued, “We think it’s ridiculous and aren’t sure exactly why people think the agency made reports confirming their relationship. We have never admitted to them dating. A media outlet contacted us on August 22nd saying that they had photos of Park Min Young and asked us to check it out. We met with the reporter that day and found that they were just pictures of a meeting between friends. That’s why we said that they were friends and met each other often, but we never admitted to them dating.”

But now, our curiousity has come to and end! ^o^

Representatives from StarHaus Entertainment stated through Star News, “It seems there have been some misunderstandings.” They continued, “We were simply wary about how some media outlets were using the term ‘fervent love’ to describe their relationship.”

Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have known each for a while, and they were able to draw strength from each other during their long recordings for ‘City Hunter‘. It is true that these two have developed warm feelings for one another.

In effect, the representatives are cautiously acknowledging (once again) that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are indeed dating. After witnessing the acknowledgment, denial, and now confirmation of the stars’ one-month relationship, fans are now sending the couple their warmest congratulations.

Source + Image: Star News via Nate + Dispatch via Nate
Shared by: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer

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