City Hunter Photos [Press Conference, ScreenCaps, Behind-The-Scenes]

*hoaming* Urgghh, now I know how hard people works only for uploading a screencaps. My hands couldn’t resist this anyway, I just finished watch the movie and I really wanna share with you guys~ 😉
At first, I don’t have any special interest to this drama, but along the storyline, I couldn’t stop watching it ’till the end. Wanna know who’s my favorite? Lee Jin Pyo, the man who adopted Lee Yun Seong as his son and planned for a revenge kkekkekke~ Know why? Beside he’s handsome (even he’s old!! XDD) he’s strong and his face is so cruel like I wanna blush it into the lake of poo XDD *LOL sorry just kidd* I like Park Min Young too, since she’s very sweet and totally adorable :3

Please, enjoy my screencaps. Even it’s not very good and HQ *im doing it in the middle of the night ._.v* But don’t forget to attach the full credits if you wanna take something from here anyway~ 🙂


Cr: City Hunter’s Official Site + Nate + As Tagged
Uploader: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer
Shared by: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer


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