Xiah Junsu’s Funny Rumor

A long time ago, Junsu and Junho(Junsu’s brother) had done something wrong, and was punished by their mother with a long stick.
Whenever they did something wrong, they would get hit 5 times each, but Junho would always get hit first.
Once it got to Junsu’s turn,..

Junho: Mother, I’ll get punished for Junsu instead. If Junsu gets hit, he’ll get hurt.
Junsu’s mother was so proud of Junho that she began yelling at Junsu.
Junsu’s mother: What are you gonna do about it Junsu? Are you going to let your brother get hit for you??!

Junsu: Yes.

Fan: Yoonho oppa!!!!!
Junsu: Uhm…I’m Junsu….
Fan: Oppa Oppa! I’m a real big fan of Yoonho~~
Junsu: I-i’m…Juns-
Fan: I really like Junsu Oppa too! But I like Yoonho oppa better T^T

Junsu: I’M XIAH JUNSU!!!!!!

2007, June 9th, During the dream concert, backstage,
Junsu ran up to Eunhyuk as Cassiopeians were singing like crazy.

Junsu: Hyukjae~ Hyukjaeyah~ (Eunhyuk’s real name)
Eunhyuk: What?
Junsu: Henry’s(French Soccer Player) on TV TODAY!!
Eunhyuk: Oh REALLY?!
Junsu: (excitedly) Hurry and get your DMB(Tv able to see through cellphone) OUT!! NOW NOW!! because there’s no TV here!

In the end, Junsu and Hyukjae went towards the corner and watched Henry play soccer on DMB.

After Jaejoong and Junsu finished practicing at SM,
fans crowded them and they all fell over.
But as they fell over,
Jaejoong and Junsu both found a fan holding onto Girl Avatar stickers.
With great interest, they asked the fan…

Junsu: Wow…Will you give this to me?
Jaejoong: This is REALLY pretty…Where’d you get this?

-During Fan meeting-
Junsu:(in a extra cute way) Will you please tell me your name?
Fan: Can I tell you my nickname?!
Junsu: O-of course~
Fan: ‘Big head Junsu’~
Junsu: (shocked) HAHAHAHAHAH;;;
Fan: (copies junsu’s laughter)

::P.S. Is my head really that big?::

One fan came up to Junsu and they actually laughed and smiled as he gave the fan a sign.
Junsu was very famous for getting alot of beautiful fans, but that one fan,
that one fan who was talking with Junsu as if he was her friend,
didn’t seem as pretty.
As Junsu finished, he petted her head, and she left towards the sea of fans.

another fan: Junsu must really like you…What’s up?
Fan: I told him his head was really small up close.

-During Fan Meeting-
Fan: Junsu Oppa~ Do you like Ahkey or Yoosu?
Junsu: Yoosu….
Fan: AH~ You like to be on the bottom then~!!
(*uhmm…I’m not gonna explain what that means…..* )
Junsu: ……(turns red like a carrot)

-Text 1:1-
Fan: Oppa, Do you like Ahkey or Yoosu?
Junsu: I think all couples stink;
Fan: Whyy??!!!!! I think you two look cute, I read this fan fic and I totally fell in love with couples!!
Junsu: Fan fic?
Fan: Yes! Yoosu Fan Fics; You came out as such a great character!!
Junsu: Only read couples fan fics with me looking cool in it!
Fan: hey, wait; I thought you said you didn’t like couples!

Credits : rockiegurl06@cassipopeia-family + se7enocam@multiply
Shared by
: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer

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