Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information of Fruits Basket ^-^



Q: In what volume did Tohru accept Kyo’s “true form”?
A: six. She accepted it because she loves him.

Q: After the second visit to Kyoko’s grave, what is between them when Kyo hugs Tohru?
A: sheet. Tohru was hanging laundry, got upset, and was comforted by Kyo.

Q: When they get back from the summer house and are at school, what word does Kyo start to think of Tohru as, when Uo and another student are teasing her and she is blushing?
A: cu–. They were teasing Tohru saying she must be going on a date, she starts blushing like crazy. Kyo then looks at her and blushes as well.

Q: When at the Sohma summer house, what souvenir did Kyo give Tohru?
A: hermit crab. They are making a sandcastle, and then a wave comes and the crab gets washed away with Tohru’s hat.

Q: To whom did Tohru first admit she “liked” Kyo?
A: Rin. She is visiting Rin, at Kazuma’s house, and that’s when she admitted that she mainly wanted to break the curse for Kyo. Kagura is also there and hits Tohru. Tohru gets knocked out, and when she wakes up Kyo is sitting next to her.

Q: In volume 3, what gift does Kyo give Tohru for white day?
A: he would go to the onsen with her and the others. She then goes on to say that she is glad he is going, and that it will be much more fun with him there.

Q: Who, outside the Sohma family, knows Akito is a girl?
A: Tohru, Hana, Uo. Tohru was told by Kureno. Uo and Hana figured it out while talking to Akito

Q: What was the first thing Tohru did when she saw Kyo, after she was released from the hospital?
A: ran away. She ran away because she was afraid to face him. He then ran after her to return a favor from a while before.

Q: Who, literally, stabbed Kureno in the back?
A: Akito. She stabbed him when she was upset about the curses starting to break.

Q: Who does Hana “love”?
A: Kazuma. She met him at Kyo’s career counseling meeting.

Q: What is Tohru’s father’s first name?
A: Katsuya. He died of a bad cold when Tohru was very little.

Q: Who is Tohru in love with?
A: Kyo. She told him she loved him when she got out of the hospital.

Q: As of Chapter 129, what is the order of the broken curses?
A: Kureno, Momiji, Hiro, Kyo. Kureno’s curse broke when he was in his teens. Momiji was happy, and a little sad, when his broke. Hiro’s broke while watching his sister, he was happy to be able to hug his mom and sister. Kyo’s curse broke when he was hugging Tohru.

Q: What is Tohru’s mom’s death anniversary?
A: May 1. We figure this out in volume four when Tohru asks Shigure if she could go out on May First. Yuki and Kyo go, along with Tohru, Hana, and Uo, to visit Tohru’s mom’s grave. They end up having lunch in front of the grave. October 25th is my birthday.


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