JYJ’s Trio Doesn’t Discuss About Women’s Matters When They Meet‏

JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are indeed outrightly straightforward. As observed, the relationship between the trio is very amiable. An interview was held with JYJ on the 30th at a cafe in Seoul’s Jongno-gu and it was for the commemoration of the release of their first Korean album, “In Heaven”.

During the interview, the harmony between the members was beyond perfect. The topics on music and acting were discussed with sincerity and the occasional jokes livened up the atmosphere.

Yoochun: “Are you asking what topics do we talk about when we meet up? Ah… like this… we don’t discuss about women’s matters. Usually guys would discuss about women’s matters when they gathered, right? We don’t. Hahaha.”

Jaejoong: “When three of us meet up, it has been topics like ‘What have you been up to?’, ‘What shall we do after this?’, ‘Let’s go for a drink.’ etc.”


Yoochun followed on, “Yup…. Junsu is the captain for FC MEN so he would talk to me about soccer competitions when he saw me. Junsu’s fan sites have become soccer fan sites.”

Junsu: “There’s going to be a concert in Spain and I’m really anticipating. I wish to watch a soccer match in Spain!”

Jaejoong’s drama has recently ended and upon asking about what upcoming plans he has, Jaejoong replied, “Now I want to harass/tease Junsu, together with Yoochun.” This really revealed the close relationship between the members.

Jaejoong: “Since the independency from SM, I have been thinking about further development as an artiste and actor. The most ‘developed’ were the members’ hearts. Members’ thinking changed a lot after this period of maturity.”

Junsu: “Self challenge has its own burden. However when it was like this (T/N: the pressure feel), I would think that I was very lucky to be together with my members. The looks of everyone working hard together for our beautiful dream made each of us realized that we are all putting effort in together. It would be a beautiful memory in the future. It would be good enough if we are able to reminisce, smile and talk about this.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s first Korean album has hit the chart topping 150 000 sales in domestic market, demonstrating JYJ’s strong popularity.

JYJ will be embarking on a European tour, starting with Barcelona, Spain on the 29th October and Berlin, Germany on the 6th November.


source: asiatoday
credit: mickylovelove
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun

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