Actor Choi Kanghee Highly Praises Kim Jaejoong’s Acting Skills

At the interview with TV Report held on the 5th, Choi Kanghee was asked about Kim Jaejoong’s acting. She asked back right away, “Wasn’t his acting great?”.

In SBS TV’s drama ‘Protect the Boss’ that ended recently, Choi Kanghee played Noh Eun Seol and co-starred with Ji Sung who played Cha Jiheon and Kim Jaejoong who played Cha Muwon.

Kim Jaejoong who acted in his first Korean drama received good reviews throughout the series due to his good acting.* His senior actor Choi Kanghee also repeatedly praised his acting.

Choi Kanghee said, “Jaejoong’s actual personality so different from Cha Muwon’s personality that I thought it would be easier for him to play Cha Jiheon.” She continued, “When I first read the script, I thought Cha Muwon’s role would be the hardest to play. Since a rookie took the role I figured there would be too much pressure [on him]. This is a role I myself would have agonized over if I played it. But [Jaejoong] just pulled it off somehow. I was so surprised that he did so well even when the script was given to him page by page.” **

Choi Kanghee also recollected, “After the script reading, people were very worried out of unnecessary concern. But I liked [his reading] a lot. So I talked to the director after the scrip reading that he’d do well if he was left to his own devices. It looked like it wouldn’t do any good if [we] talked to him about everything like his speech and walking, so we just left him to his own devices and he did so well. It seems like he was born with an ability to understand emotions.”

Choi Kang Hee emphasized again, “I have never worried about Jaejoong.” She smiled and said that “Jaejoong doesn’t get nervous and is relaxed on the set. Ji Sung and I have been acting for a long time, so we know technical acting skills that can be useful for TV. But Jaejoong demonstrated those skills instantly without planning, and Jaejoong being a rookie I was very amazed about it. Female editor staff *** were enamored by Jaejoong because of this.”

On the other hand, Choi Kanghee has been continuing her radio show and enjoying her break while trying to choose her next project.

T/N: * Verbatim translation for good acting was “stable acting” which is used often in Korea to describe good acting.

** Sometimes actors get their script page by page (not the whole script for each episode) if the script writer is behind the schedule. Actors don’t know what’s going to happen in the next scene thus have trouble studying their character.

*** Verbatim translation is “editor unnies”.


Source:  Nate
Translation Credit: @Spring_Breezes
Shared by: JYJ3

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