Jessica SNSD, Go Ara & Song Hye Kyo Rank on ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces’!!!

Online Entertainment review site, TC Candler recently posted their annual ‘100 Most Beautiful Faces‘ of 2011.

This was the 22nd annual independent critic list since 1990.  TC Candler is known for listing the names of 100 faces on a global scale as it factors in many cultures, lifestyles, professions, and degrees of fame to compose the list.  TC Candler does its best to recognize the modern ideal of beauty and uses millions of suggestions received each year in order to judge the top 100 faces.  It’s not just about the popularity, but also grace, elegance, class, etc that embodies a beautiful face.

These lists have been viewed by over 25million people and over 20 countries were presented in the 2011 list.  Check out TC Candler’s description of SNSD Jessica, Go Ara, and Song Hye Kyo who came at 45th, 12th, and 5th, respectively.

45. Jessica Jung

She is better known simply by her first name, Jessica. She is Korean-American singer, dancer, actress and model. The new addition to our list is a member of the fantastic South Korean nine-member girl group, Girls’ Generation, where she is one of the main vocalists.


12. Go Ara

Here is a lovely South Korean actress and model who deserves a worldwide following. The 21-year old enters the list at #12 and will assuredly be a fixture for a very long time.


5. Song Hye Kyo

The South Korean actress and model makes her second appearance, rising 13 spots from last year’s debut. She is already one of the legendary beauties of the world and we think she deserves to be celebrated as such by the entire world. Too often, it seems that Western audiences don’t get to enjoy Asian cinema and celebrity as much as they should. Look for her in the upcoming 2012 film, “The Grandmasters” with Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi.

Source + Photos: TC Candler
Credit: allkpop (tip: SLEEPSICA)
Shared by: Erru-Chan

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