Ottogi Gismen’s CF becomes a hot topic. “Park Yuchun’s popularity is enormous!”

Ottogi’s new product ‘Ottogi Gismen” is seeing great advertising results due to the recently-aired CF and Gismen’s model Park Yuchun’s fans.

This is due to fans who received the news of [Yuchun] shooting the CF started producing and sharing various and interesting self-made contents such as cartoons or parody videos of Park Yuchun’s Gismen CF via Social Network Sites (SNS).

Four pictures of the photo shoot and a teaser video of the CF were released after the CF was shoot on the 5th, and they became a popular topic among Park Yuchun’s fans. The teaser video showed Park Yuchun singing the Gismen song and playing ukulele while facing the window on a snow day. Fans showed enthusiastic interest in Park Yuchun’s smiles. Especially, the theme song that used the popular song ‘Kiss Me Darling’ melted fans’ heart with the lyrics, ‘Gismen Darling, Gismen Gismen tonight~’

Fans created celebratory four-cut cartoons of Gismen CF and drawings of ‘Handsome Man and Ramen Restaurant’ that parodied the show ‘Handsome Men and Ramen Restaurant’ on a cable network. In addition, fans created advertising materials and produced parody videos by compositing Gismen’s images into videos of Miss Ripley that Park Yuchun starred in.

Also, SNS and on-line cafes that post CF videos and parody contents had replies such as ‘My family will have one Gismen per day this winter’, ‘I’m making a list of people whom I will give Gismen as gifts’, ‘Let’s all pick a day so we can do ‘Gismen tonight’ sometime’, and ‘Let’s get together on-line [to eat Gismen]’. Foreign as well as domestic fans and ramen lovers showing anticipation is inducing the purchase of Gismen thus leading Gismen to be promoted.

On 23rd, associate from Ottogi delivered the message of anticipation and gratitude towards customers and Park Yuchun’s fans. The associate stated, “Ottogi Gismen focuses on having clean, clear and savory taste with hot peppers from Cheongyang. [T/N: Cheongyang is the name of a town. It’s known for its hot peppers.] So we hired Park Yuchun with clean images as a spokesperson and have been receiving enthusiastic responses beyond our expectations”. The associate delivered the message of anticipation and gratitude towards customers and Park Yuchun’s fans.

On the other hand, eight million Gismen were sold after only one month of the launch of the product. On 15th, Gismen cup ramen in size 105g and 62g was newly launched.

Source: Asia Today via Nate
Translation by: MuggleAjumma of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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