Who To Watch? Lee Seung Gi Vs. Park Yoochun?

Who to Watch? Lee Seung Gi vs Park Yoochun

Female fans rejoice! “Prince Yoochun” and “Prince Seung Gi” will be gracing the small screens in the coming month of March. Park Yoochun is the male lead for “Rooftop Prince” and Lee Seung Gi is the male lead for “The King.” Both male leads will be playing the same “prince” character. It will be an interesting battle of viewership ratings between the two dramas.

Lee Seung Gi and Park Yoochun are both Hallyu stars of the same age. They are both skilled musicians as well as acknowledged actors. Interestingly, the two are usually up against each other for the number one and two spots for many fan polls such as “Which Celebrity Will Give the Best Advice?” “The Best Singer Turned Actor,” “Which Celebrity Do You Want to Spend the New Years With?” and more.

Fantasy Melodrama vs Fantasy Romance
Lee Seung Gi’s upcoming drama, “The King” is set in a fictional contemporary Korea where the monarchy still exists. Lee Seung Gi plays the Crown Prince Lee Jae Ha and female lead Ha Ji Won plays a North Korean agent, Kim Hang Ah. The story is about how the two overcome many obstacles and develop into a romantic relationship

Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” is also a love story between a Crown Prince, who travels ahead in time, and a modern day female, played by Han Ji Min.

South Korean Prince vs Chosun Prince
Both male lead characters in “The King” and “Rooftop Prince” are very similar. One is the Prince of all of South Korea whereas the other is the Crown Prince of the Chosun era.

Lee Seung Gi’s role of Lee Jae Ha is a perfect “Prince Charming” character who has both the looks and the humor. However, although he looks perfect on the outside, inside, he is a bit snobby and has no political ambition. Lee Seung Gi’s character in the drama is expected to mirror some of his variety show characters such as “Huh Dang” (slow person) and “Uhm Chin Ah” (that one guy who is the son of your mother’s friend; whom your mother compares you with all the time).

Park Yoochun’s character is one to look out for. As a Crown Prince from the ancient times of Chosun, much of the drama will depict how hard it is for him to adjust to the modern times. Though he struggles, Park Yoochun’s character will still hold the elegance and upright nature of his usual image.

“Nuna, Because You’re My Girl” Ha Ji Won vs Han Ji Min
Coincidentally, both female leads are older than the male leads. Ha Ji Won is nine years older than Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Min is four years older than Park Yoochun. Because both Lee Seung Gi and Park Yoochun have quite a large “nuna” fan-base, more anticipation is being put in the chemistry between the two couples.


Source: Soompi
Credit: Erru-Chan@hallnimusbyer

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