Author’s: (Another) Post of Forgiveness


(I used the penguin pic for my English homework, it’s a description text. You should know that I’m crazy about penguin hahaha :D)

*cough* first of all, I want to say hello. Sort of feel bad for not updating almost for one month. I must said, that I don’t have time to search for news and write the news to my blog within a minute. I have so many tasks to do, even if I work it in my laptop I won’t have time to touch my blog because senior high is just so cruel and firm. I should say that I already promise for not letting go my works for school because i won’t fall twice, I hope you guys understand what I’m feeling right now 🙂 I don’t know too, though, when I open twitter or facebook, I don’t feel like I got some good feed from people who used to updated with their fangirling thingy. Maybe, is it because I don’t have sense of blogging anymore?!! I don’t know but I hope it’s not because of that ;___;

Engg, anyway, I made a new blog (again -___-“). yeah, I mean— I don’t think I can spazz about crazy things in my life here (and it’s another IDK)—maybe it’s because Iclicked this blog just for fangirling things (and some forgiveness work LOL) and I don’t want you guys to see a horrible life from a fangirl like me ROFLMAO you can visit it if you want to, just click here 🙂 It’s a new one, because I think my other blog is a failure—no, it’s just an experiment for doing a blogspot heheheheh~ just like my livejournal! XD

OK, it’s already cleared 🙂 BTW, my blog already hit the 100.000 visitors. So, I should do some treats for you, eh? I’m learning Adobe Flash, anyway. So maybe I could give you more than before (eeh, when is it happened? XD) and of course, my very lovely stars, TVXQ!!! Yeah, just wait for it, OK? Maybe I’ll make it in weekend (if there’s no homework .__.v), or else—Ionly gives you random posts… JUST PRAY FOR TREATS OMG I WANNA MAKE IT EVEN JUST ONCE!!!! >/////<

Kiss & hugs,

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