MIB to comeback on the 5th, in collaboration with Tiger JK, T, and Bizzy

With their comeback fast approaching, hip-hop group MIB‘s album collaborators were revealed, raising even more anticipation.

On April 5th, MIB‘s single album “Celebrate” will be released, featuring renowned experts Tiger JK, T (Yoon Mi Rae) and Bizzy.

The superior line-up of Tiger JK, T, and Bizzy, whom any hip-hop artist would dream of collaborating with, not only helped in the song itself, but also offered much advising, from the album’s concept to the planning, contributing to the completeness of the album.

Moreover, since MIB are trainees of the same recording company, their collaboration can be seen as not just a simple company project, but rather as people of the same hip-hop genre exchanging music to produce a joint product. MIB’s upcoming album is anticipated to reveal the combination of MIB’s intense and colorful music with the expertise of Tiger JK, T, and Bizzy.

MIB, the newest group of Jungle Entertainment, the renowned hip-hop company with artists like Tiger JK, T, Leessang, and Bizzy, debuted last year with the album “Most Incredible Busters“. They produced the upcoming single album themselves, attesting to their phenomenal talent. 5Zic, Cream, SIMS, and KangNam, the members of MIB, stirred much attention last year by not following the traditional route of post-debut promotions with each member doing solo activities, but rather with a shocking strategy of releasing a solo song for each member before the debut.

MIB, who has been very active with Mnet‘s reality program ‘MIB’s W Military Academy ‘and  member KangNam’s tvN sitcom ‘21st Century Family,’ as well as other various activities, will comeback on the 5th by releasing “Celebrate” on music sites along with a performance on Mnet’s MCountdown.

You know what? It reminds me of Dumbfoundead, Kero One, MYK, Rakaa, and Epik High’s collaboration, you know TTwTT


Source + Image: Jungle Entertainment (via:allkpop)
Credit to: Erru-Chan


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