[RANDOM] A Neighbor You Might Wanted to Visit

Hi! You know I haven’t been able to post anything except drama pics collections here. Because currently I was a bit confused about where to post. I tend to made this blog long ago to post my fanfic (but ended up never!) and I started posting lyrics, news, pics, etc. I thought it was useless because there are more sites that people can access easier than my own blog. I have tumblr, livejournal, and blogspot too and I used them for different purposes.

I reblogged pic spams in tumblr, then my personal rants in blogspot (and a few of movie reports in bahasa), and recently I’ve been nonstoppingly using my lj account to access communities and posting my fanarts. I became happier there since I could post my own creation and find friends (it’s easier because we met in communities and such) but then I wonder about this blog and what should I do.

I’m thinking of moving my own collection to livejournal–I mean, posting my next collection in livejournal. I know some people said that the place has began to be dead, but I just started. And it’s a fun thing until now, living in livejournal. I don’t get to know anyone from wordpress neither do meet anyone except groups that own the wordpress. I don’t know.

My obsession currently is Arashi and most of the people lives there so it might have some connections to my thought of leaving…it’s not leaving maybe, it’s moving. I don’t have any intention of deleting this wordpress/account anyway, I rarely do anything like that. This place left a lot of memories for me. So….maybe I’ll take more time to think.

Here is the link of my livejournal, please do visit me if you’re interested. I’m still new so I don’t have a lot of stuffs there, but I’ll check it everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

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